Is taabea herbal mixture good for pregnant woman….Taabea herbal mixture side effects on pregnancy

What is the relationship between Taabea herbal mixture and pregnancy?

Taabea herbal mixture is a very popular herbal concoction in Ghana and other neighboring countries like Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa etc.

Is taabea herbal mixture good for pregnant woman?
Taabea herbal mixture is not safe pregnancy

According to the manufacturers, taabea herbal mixture is used in the treatment of the following diseases and medical conditions:

Functions of taabea herbal mixture:





menstrual pains,

menstrual disorder,


general body pains,

diabetes mellitus


and loss of appetite

It is also important for you to know the ingredients that make up taabea herbal mixture. They are: Water, Ocimum viride, Azadirachta indica, Paullinia pinnata, Tetrapleura tetraptera, Theobroma cacao and Moringa oleifera.

Now to the main topic of discussion… Is taabea herbal mixture good for pregnant woman

Take note that taabea mixture contains Moringa…. Moringa and a host of other herbs listed in the ingredients…

Do you know that moringa and Moringa containing herbal mixture like taabea herbal mixture is NOT good for pregnant women please… There was this publications conducted in that revealed that Moringa oleifera could cause miscarriage ,abortion and congenital birth defects.

Eating or drinking or consumption of Moringa oleifera leaves or herbal mixture containing moringa during pregnancy could cause congenital birth defects like brain malformations and behavioral changes, a recent study conducted in 2019 and published in the Italian Journal of Anatomy And Embryology has found.

A study carried out by medical practitioners in the Departments of Anatomy and Surgery, University of Ibadan, used a total number of 20 pregnant rats of Wistar strain.

The study warned that the consumption of Moringa oleifera otherwise known as “moringa” could affect the body, brain and heart of newborns.

Having all these in mind, you can now see that taabea herbal mixture is totally unsafe in pregnancy and should not be taken by pregnant women…. Taabea herbal mixture may work well for other ailments but should never be consumed by pregnant women, nursing mothers and breastfeeding mothers. Pregnant women should watch what they eat or drink…. Taabea herbal mixture has no benefits at all in pregnancy so why patronise what will put your pregnancy at risk? Herbal concoctions generally can cause premature labour, premature delivery, miscarriage, abortion, uterine contractions and pregnancy loss. Herbal mixtures are the number cause of kidney damage and failure in our environment….

Pregnant women should avoid taking taabea herbal mixture and stick to their antenatal drugs please.

Do not take any drug not prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy. Don’t try new drugs also. No to herbal preparations in pregnancy.

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