What is the difference between white and coloured vitamin C? Is there a difference between white and yellow vitamin C? Which one is better?

As regarding this, we’ve heard different stories…”The white one is more effective”…”Coloured vitamin C is for Children 😃😃”…”White is for Catarrh, Coloured is for cough😆😆😆” Colored vitamin C is too sweet, it is not good for diabetics”. White vitamin C is good for elderly and diabetics” etc….

What is the difference between white and coloured vitamin C ?
Orange coloured vitamin Vs White Vitamin C

The truth about white Vitamin C and coloured vitamin C

Vitamin C, whether coloured or white contains exactly the same 100mg of Ascorbic acid as the major active ingredient..👌👌

Both white #vitamin c and the orange coloured #vitamin C tablet contain same amount of active ingredient …ascorbic acid.

They are both effective for cold, cough, catarrh, wound healing etc, both are used for the same purpose…the only difference is in the taste and colour, the dispensing pattern is based on individuals preferences, while some prefer the “sweet” one, others prefer the “bitter” one😁😁. None is more effective or works better than the other. The white colored vitamin C has a sour taste…but it is not better than orange coloured vitamin C.

Both white and coloured vitin C comes in 200mg, 500mg and 1000mg. There is no difference at all between sweet and unsweet (sour) vitamin C.

✍️✍️✍️Vitamin C is Vitamin C, whether white or orange coloured and you can actually take up to 10 tablets or more per day…its not an overdose.

In this era of coronavirus pandemic, boost your immune system by taking Vitamin C everyday!
Some benefits of taking Vitamin C:
-It helps the body produce collagen, L-carnitine, and some neurotransmitters.
– Acts as antioxidants.
-It helps the body absorb iron.
-It boosts the immune system.
-It enhances wound healing.
🍎 Antioxidant capabilities
🍏Reduces risk of heart disease
🍓 Promotes cardiovascular health
🍊May slow cancer growth
🍋Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease
🍒Boost function of the immune system and body defence mechanism
🍇Supports optimal eye and skin health
🍉Improves absorption of iron
🍑Growth, development and repair of all
body tissues.

Why do people take vitamin C?

Studies have shown that vitamin C may reduce the odds of getting a cold, but only in specific groups in extreme circumstances, such as soldiers in subarctic environments, skiers, and marathon runners. Studies have not found solid evidence that vitamin C helps prevent or treat colds in average situations.

Vitamin C’s antioxidant benefits are also unclear. While some studies of vitamin C supplements have been promising, they have not found solid evidence that vitamin C supplements help with cancer, stroke, asthma, and many other diseases. Some evidence suggests that vitamin C may be helpful in people who have high cholesterol and in preventing cataracts, but more studies are needed to prove these effects.

Data on vitamin C and heart disease are mixed. Some studies show an association between low levels of vitamin C and heart disease risk, yet many studies have linked the use of vitamin C supplements with an increased risk of heart disease.

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