cost of COVID vaccine in Nigeria, cost of COVID -19 vaccine in Nigeria….How safe is COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria?

Hiw much does coronavirus vacccine cost in Nigeria?

Covid vaccine is free in Nigeria….Federal Govt has paid for the coronavirus vaccine called Astrazeneca and now moderna….it is now your responsibility to go and take the covid vaccines free off charge from any any government owned primary health centre and hospital near you.

A Nigerian who took the covid vaccines in Abuja gives his experience so far with the vaccine.


My Covid-19 Vaccination: The Side Effect😭😭
I was playing with my phone this afternoon when I saw the picture of one of the medical directors of the private hospitals around my private diagnostic facility- Bwari Area Council, Abuja, Nigeria.

He posted a picture in which he was receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. It was injected into his left deltoid muscle (the bulk muscle around the shoulder). He wrote under the picture that he was at the primary health centre in Bwari.
The present vaccination exercise is for health workers because we are more at risk of contracting the virus. The doctor encouraged those of us who had not received the vaccine to go to the centre and get the shot.

The time was about 11: 30 am. I called him to clarify the information he just shared. He affirmed it and gave me the direction to the health centre. I got there within an hour.
There was nobody when I got there. I felt lucky. All the vaccination personnel looked very hospitable and good looking. Two ladies in particular caught my attention😂😂. I looked away and concentrated on my mission. I however felt like asking the man who took my details if being good looking was a criterion for recruiting them😂😂.

Within ten minutes, he was done with my registration. He then asked me to go to another station where the vaccine was administered. After the lady had given me the injection, I asked her about the duration of the vaccination exercise, the days and time. She told me that the phase 1 of the vaccination program would run for two weeks. She affirmed that next week Friday, 26th March, 2021 would mark the end of the present phase. “Vaccines are presently given from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 2 pm in designated health centers,” she said.

I thanked her then stood to leave. It was then I recalled what she said, “phase 1.” “Phase 1 ke?” I wanted to clarify a naughty thought.
I wanted to ask her if she meant phase 1 trials of the vaccination. I didn’t bother because it was too late for me to reject the vaccine. It had been administered already. I reassured myself that phases 1, 2 and 3 trials had been concluded before they confirmed that the vaccine was safe for human use.

I reassured myself that there was nothing to fear. Nevertheless, I still had a side effect of the vaccination exercise. I had mild pain on the injection site. That was all. As a big boy, I ignored the pain🤪…

How safe is COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria? Nigerian acquired covid vaccines are super safe with minimal side effects.. So far, there has noy been any report of blood clot from covid vaccines in Nigeria.


Photo: My Vaccination Card

Cost of COVID vaccine in Nigeria
How much is the Cost of COVID vaccine in Nigeria? it is free.

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