Creams, oils, supplements , drugs, pills and vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips in Nigeria. Supplements to increase the size of the buttocks….Vitamins for weight gain in buttocks…Supplements for wider hips…pills for bigger hips and thighs…Supplement for hip Enlargement.

It is now trendy to have bigger buttocks and hips with thick thighs these days…

Pills, drugs, supplements and vitamins have been used to grow bigger hips and buttocks overtime….whether it works is a discussion for another day.

**Hips And bums supplements*
🍑 *YODI B12*
For strictly hip and bum!! one fastest product with countless testimonies… has 60 capsules and can last you a month depending on how you are dosing☺️… drink one in the morning on an empty stomach and One in the evening as well before meals.

🍑 *Ultimate Maca*
Another baby that doesn’t disappoint available on 60 capsules, take 1 in the morning, afternoon and evening on an empty stomach. Maca is a natural hormonal supplement which enlarges your butt, widen your hip makes your breast firm at the same time toning your waist.

vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips in Nigeria
vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips in Nigeria

*🍑Abuja mix*

Consist of 12 herbs in one😊😊 Abuja mix is the most powerful,,, effective hips and buttocks supplement which has helped many ladies achieve bigger,,,fuller and rounder buttocks naturally and effectively with no side effects.Take one in the evening after meals

🍑 *Super Apeti syrup*

Our multivitamin syrup for weight gain.. suitable for any person who wants to gain weight, you gain in a propotional way. Take 10mls in the morning, afternoon and evening on an empty stomach or before meals. Super

🍑 *Super boost 4in1*

New baby on market,,,4 in 1 super dynamite,,,,, big …fuller and rounder buttock…..sexier curves …..firming sagging breasts…..and trimming down big bellies. Super boost consist of 60 capsules and 30 pills to make them 90. Take 2 capsules and 2 pills everyday until you reach your desired body structure🍑🍑.

🍑 *Fenugreek seed 500g*

Some call it the miracle seed. It has many wonders this one😇… it’s for bigger and firm breast, for hair growth for hip and butt as well and many more benefits🙊… available on 500g, almost every hip and buttock supplement has fenugreek, for those taking the seed you soak them overnight with warm water and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach you can add honey to taste.. the taste is horrible but well it’s worthy it with time one get used to it.

🍑 *Black maca*
Suitable for those who are under weight who wants to gain weight with big buttocks ,thick thighs and hips. Maca root helps in buttocks amd hip enlargement.


A reigning syrup used by ladies to gain weight and to develop thick thighs and big buttocks. Apetamin is used by ladies for buttocks and hip enalrgement. Apetamin syrup can taken morning afternoon and evening…you will start seeing results within 4 weeks.

💠fenugreek oil

Many ladies have many secrets on how they were able to get a big buttocks. Herbs such as FENUGREEK is a very important ingredient for enlarging the buttocks, breasts, hips and thick thighs…

It makes the buttock, hips, and breast bigger naturally …soak the fenugreek seed in a water leave it overnight and drink the residual water the following morning on a empty stomach.
This take effect slowly but is definitely going to make your buttocks,breast and hips grow bigger..

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