Podofilox/Podowart/Podophyllin paint chemical burns – side effects of podophyllin.

IF THERE’S ANOTHER VERY common thing I’ve noticed among young people, it’s the high rate of chemical burns from podophyllin.
In case you’re wondering, podofilox,
condylox, podowarts podophyllin is a very powerful medicine used for treatment of genital warts (see attached pics).

Podowart/Podophyllin burns - side effects of podophyllin
Podophyllin can cause severe burns….

If you don’t know what genital warts are, look at the last panel of the pics as well.
In advanced countries, there are several ‘better’ ways of removing these warts such as imiquimod, cryotherapy, laser excision, etc. However, here in Nigeria, it’s often by application of podophyllin and sometimes by surgical removal.

Due to this, many young people who have genital warts will rush to a ‘chemist’ and ‘order’ podophyllin like it’s a plate of pepper soup 🍛.

And most times, these chemists don’t know how it is applied and so they don’t ‘remember’ to tell the patient that this medication is supposed to be applied by your doctor only.

What happens next?

This patient goes home, opens the podophyllin paint, and begins to rub it everywhere around the groin like say na pomade (vaseline).😏
Ifenwa abụzị ude akị? Ka ọ bụ ncha nkọta?

What these people did not know is that, while podophyllin is very good with removal of genital warts and even molluscum, it’s also a very powerful chemical that can burn your skin if not very carefully applied.

The burn will be so bad and so painful you’d feel like very hot water was poured on your ‘level’.

Be it the penis, scrotum, or vulva, my dear, your ‘ifedi’ will be literally on fire 🔥
It’s the reason why podophyllin should only be applied by a medical professional.
Since this month of July, we have seen at least 5 cases at our centre.

I’ll keep saying it, always consult your doctor before going for any medication or doing any tests, even if you want to buy from a chemist or pharmacy.

If you refuse to talk us to first, you might come back to talk to us later, but this time, your body go don tell you how far; either from the side effects of what you ‘ordered’ for yourself or from having wasted money on something you do not really need.

You’d not have wasted time, but you’d have also wasted your energy, money and even worsened your health. If you develop burns from podophyllin, go to the hospital and see a doctor please.

If you do not have a doctor friend to talk to, subscribe for medical consultation at a cheaper rate and we will be happy to help you.

~ Written by Caséy Amaefule


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