Ingredients for hip enlargement oil + Ingredients for buttocks enlargement.

It is now trendy and desired by ladies to have big buttocks, big breasts, thick thighs and enlarged hips. Ladies do everything to achieve enhance body shapes and curves for whatever reason (choice mainly)…. One of the ways they think they can achieve big buttocks and hips is with the use and application of hip, breast and buttocks enlargement oils. Some ladies even go for buttocks enlargement surgery, breast augmentation surgery and Hip fat transfer.

There is even this common practice to make buttocks enlargement creams and oils at home without stress. Many medical experts have made it clear that buttocks and hip enhancement oils for doing not make the buttocks,breast and hips bigger…. Oils including essential oils do not give curves but our ladies have refused to listen.

Well, here are some of the proposed recipes and ingredients for making buttocks enlargement, hips enlargement and breast enlargement oils at home for personal use and for commercial purposes.

Ingredients for hip enlargement oil + ingredients for buttocks enlargement oil

How to make natural hips/buttocks/breast enlargement oil..

Ingredients of buttocks enlargement, hip enlargement and breasts enlargement oil:

-1 cup of yoghurt

-10 vitamin e capsules (from pharmacy please)
Or 1 tablespoon of organic vitamin e

-100ml of olive oil

-2 1/2 tablespoons of fenugreek seed

Method of preparations

1) grind your fenugreek seeds into powder form and pour into your olive oil. Make sure the olive oil is in a tight container (bottle), cover it and place on your window side for a week. Not directly to sunlight.

2) shake the mixture every 2 days.

3) On 7th day, extract the oil with a sieve, pour in your vitamin E and stir.

4) Add 2tbs of olive oil and stir your mixture.

5) Pour into your bottle, apply morning and night. Shake before use. 100% natural

Apply yoghurt on your butt for 5-10 minutes, wash off then apply your own.

Ingredients for hip enlargement oil + Ingredients for buttocks enlargement
What are the Ingredients for hip enlargement oil + Ingredients for buttocks enlargement


Soak ultimate maca pills into olive oil in another container for same 7days.. do the same process with fenugreek and mix all oil together..

Please check the PH level since it is 90% Natural

Caveat: Again buttocks, hips and breasts enlargement oils for not really work. But they are harmless if you try. Don’t be dismayed it does not work.

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