How to use bitter leaf for glowing skin, pimples, hair growth, acne, dark spots and skin lightening. How to use bitter leaf to Clear Pimples.

Bitter leaf for sweet flawless Skin!!

My friend Chefsophy Jerome inspired this post after making a post of her drinking bitter leaf juice (she makes very beautiful cakes by the way)

Just as I read her post, I knew I had unnecessarily made you guys go through stress by not sharing about the goodness of bitter leaf all this while.

This is my official apology and a heart of gratitude to chefsophy for the reminder.

One thing that stands out as nutrient in bitter leaf is beta carotene (in case it sounds familiar yes it’s also in carrots) this nutrient regulates the female sex hormones….(this does not mean it is kayan mata ooo)

It actually slows down the aging process in women, you can call it the fountain of youth
But that is not all, bitter leaf juice can cure almost every reaction, inflammation, pimples,
aches, dark spots, black spots, ring worm, irritation and all sorts on the skin (this is not an exaggeration).

If you can brave it and drink one cup of freshly squeezed bitter leaf juice once or twice per week or better still make it into a smoothie with frozen cucumber cubes 9 then you would be guaranteed a skin that wouldn’t crack and would keep shining.

How to use bitter leaf for glowing skin.
How to use bitter leaf for glowing skin.

Also for the not so brave at heart (people like me) we can wash the leaves, then rub it inbetween the palms to produce lather and then rub this on the skin for 30 minutes before shower.

If you do this daily, all of your large pores, acne, dark spots, eczema etc will be a thing of the past. Bathing with bitter does not only give you a glowing chocolate skin, it can also make your skin light… Some ladies use bitter leaf for skin lightening and hair growth. Bitter leaf face mask will help clear pimples.

Also, you can get the juice and store in the fridge for then apply with cotton wool for 30 minutes before shower. This juice should not be kept more than 5 days in the fridge.

Lastly, you can cut the stem, dry and burn to ashes and add this into your black soap (did i just spill this secret?)

You may want to start tomorrow though so as not to spoil the taste that Sunday meat left in your mouth today

Thanks for stopping by, glowing skin is your portion..

Take bitter leaf and watch your skin glow!!

Written by Debbie Ibiyemi.


  1. Hi, I have been using bitter leaf on my fave for about five days now. My face is so rough. My black spots, acne and pimples don’t seem to want to leave either. I stopped using it yesterday to save what is remaining of my face. I don’t know if I should try again or just give up on the bitter leaf treatment. Kindly help ask your friend if she had any reaction when she started using the bitter leaf. Your advise would be highly appreciated.


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