How much does breast lift surgery cost in south africa? Read this article please to know the price of breast reduction surgery in South Africa .

South African ladies who are not to satisfied with the shape, size and weight of their breast go for all forms of cosmetic breast surgery like breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery and also breast lift surgery for saggy breasts.

As breast lift surgery procedure has been on the rise in South Africa, I thought it wise to dedicate this page to talking about it so as to give you some ideas about the procedure and the price (of breast lift surgery in South Africa).


Many women are dissatisfied with the size, shape, and overall look of their breasts. As a result, there are multiple surgical options available to address a wide variety of cosmetic issues.
Reasons to decide for Breast Surgery?
The following are among the most common reasons:
. To correct a sagging issue
. For clothing to fit better
. To increase fullness and projection of your breasts
. To restore volume in your breasts that was lost after weight loss or pregnancy
. To improve your silhouette
. To address a proportion issue in your figure
. To improve your breasts’ symmetry
. To lift and make breasts more youthful
What is a Breast Lift?

With breast lift surgery, there are no breast implants involved. Instead, the plastic surgeon uses your existing breast tissue to lift and tighten your breasts. The end result is better symmetry, contouring, and lift to the breasts, usually to correct the problem of sagging due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness, or the natural effects of aging.

Cost of breast lift surgery in South Africa
Before and after pictures of breast lift surgery.

Breast lift procedures are best suited for women who want to restore a more natural, younger look to their breasts. The surgery doesn’t add volume but provides a better, natural look and feel, making it a good option for women who have adequate breast tissue.

Breast lift surgery is the 5th most popular cosmetic surgery for women

Breast lift surgery is often performed alongside breast augmentation OR reduction.

Breast lift surgery is known medically as mastopexy

How much is the Cost of breast lift surgery in South Africa?

In South Africa, breast lift surgery cost is about R 87,000 (87,000 Rands) in most hospitals. This cost covers surgery fee, drugs and hospital stay. R85,000 = $6,000. This means it cost about $6,000 for breast reduction surgery procedure in South Africa. For Nigerians who would love to go and have their breast lift surgery procedure done in South Africa, please know that it will cost you #2.5 million Naira surgery price excluding your travel fee and accommodation.

Like to go for breast lift surgery? It is the work of a plastic surgeon.

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