How to use pandoro fruit for breast enlargement and hip enlargement. Pandoro fruit and schnapps. How To Use Kigelia Africana For Breast Enlargement and hip enlargement.

Best Way To Increase Your Breast And Hips Naturally pandoro fruit, Shea butter and schnapps Without Any Side Effects.

Beautiful lady, I know sometimes you don’t feel complete because of your small size, most ladies see endowment as assets and let’s be honest, it is because the ones with them get a lot of attention from men and sometimes from fellow women. Many want to have a fuller body, but unfortunately genetics play a very vital role in how we look, some people can’t add easily no matter what they eat or how many times they eat in a day. I have good news, it’s called pandoro leaf and seeds, it is a widely known naturally increasing plant, it even increases the Manhood of a man.

How to use pandoro fruit for breast enlargement and hip enlargement
How to use pandoro fruit for breast enlargement and hip enlargement

Do you desire to have a bigger breast and hips without any side effects? , this is the best place to find the right result. No surgery, simply natural.

The pandoro leaf has been doing wonders since ages, let’s get down to business without wasting much time.

What is Pandoro Fruit?

Pandoro is a yoruba name of a fruit meant for
multiplicity, fecondity etc. The botanical name of pandoro is kigelia africana. The common name is Sausage Tree. The family is Bignoniaceae. The Yoruba name is Pandoro. The Hausa name is Rawuya. The igbo name is Uturubein.
This fruit is very rich in multiplicity.
I will teach you this natural and simple way to do this.

You need only 2 ingredients in making this medicine…
1. Pandoro fruit
2. Schnapps
3. ± Shea butter

The pandoro fruit is divided into 2. The fresh fruit and the dry one. If you are using the fresh one, take the pandoro fruit and pound it in the mortal then mix it with schnapps, pour inside a bottle, cover the lid for at least 3 days, then start drinking at least 3 shot very early in the morning. This will naturallly boost and start an increment in your hips and your breast.

And if you are using dry pandoro fruit, burn the fruit into ashes then use it to drink pap in the morning and and you will get the necessary result.

If you have any question, feel free to comment and I will humbly reply.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Do I have to peel the pandoro and pound the whole pandoro or it’s only a seed inside that pandoro I need to mix with schnapps… Coz I noticed there’s a small small seed like a nut inside the pandoro… Please help me out or I should just buy the pandoro in the market and just pound it and soak in the schnapps


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