Cooking without maggi: Cooking Nigerian meals without maggi….

You want to know How to cook tasty meals without seasoning cubes? Then read this article.

I am on a ‘journey’ of replacing seasoning cubes in my meals.

I have discovered that seasoning cubes are overrated and we can do without them or minimal quantity…

Why is it that when the topic of cooking without seasoning cubes come up, all most people think about is using traditional condiments like iru or ogiri with fish, meat, or prawn (popular called crayfish) to cook?

You can actually prepare a very delicious Nigerian stew with none of the ingredients I listed above.

Here is a very good suggestion. When next you want to cook stew, use these ingredients:
Tomatoes, pepper, coriander seed powder, dried thyme, fennel seed powder, fenugreek seed powder, salt, onion, and vegetable oil.

Turn your fresh tomatoes and pepper to paste. While frying the paste in vegetable oil add your fennel, fenugreek, coriander seeds powder and dried thyme to the mix and continue to fry to your taste.

Add water that will be enough to make that into a stew and then add salt to taste.
Allow to boil for a while and your stew is ready.

Try this and come testify to the goodness of good food without Maggi.

I hope this is helpful.

If you have questions, ask!

PS: You notice curry didn’t make the list of the ingredients right? You actually don’t need curry in that stew with the ingredients I mentioned above.

PS1: You can get your fennel, coriander, and fenugreek seeds from those women that sell fresh ginger and garlic and also their powder in most open markets in Nigeria. Some of those women also sell ingredients for preparing zobo drink i.e. zobo leaves etc.

PS2: The attached picture is what coriander seeds look like👇

Cooking without maggi: Cooking Nigerian meals without maggi
Cooking Nigerian meals without maggi.

Since I stopped processed seasoning cubes years ago I stick with fresh ginger garlic and turmeric as seasonings. And my meals are a blast. You can add green bell pepper to the tumeric and ginger! Amazing taste and aroma.

When you stop cooking with seasoning cubes and other MSGs, you will know the difference between natural taste of food and sweetened food.

Foods cooked with seasoning cubes and powders will begin to taste so odd and sugary like white maggi in your taste buds.
Then you would understand why it is important to start cooking without seasoning cubes.

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