Iwulo ewe iyeye, Health benefits of Ewe Iyeye (Hog Plum Leaves), EWE IYEYE for fertility, Ewe iyeye picture, Spondias mombin leaves health benefits

Yoruba: Ewe iyeye

ijikara: Igbo

English: Hog plum leaves, Jamaican plum, yellow mombin

Botanical name: Spondias mombin leaves

We are going to look at the uses and health benefits of ewe iyeye known as high plum leaves in English and Spondias mombin leaves in Science. Ewe iyeye is a very popular leaf and its fruit, hog plum, is even more popular. In our primary and secondary school days, we all took a stop along the road to pick and pluck hog plum and we never really knew the health benefits.

Hog plum fruit comes in different colours but the most popular ones in Nigeria is the yellow hog plum. Most Hog plum has a sweet-sour taste that “slaps the cheek”. Hog plum fruit is very medicinal, nutritional and healthy.

Apart from the fruit, hog plum leaves, called ewe iyeye in Yoruba language also has many health benefits, nutritional value and medicinal properties.

Health benefits of Ewe Iyeye – Iwulo ewe iyeye

1) Ewe iyeye leave is used to cure tooth ache issues.

Procedure for that is get the leaves,cook it and get the liquid. Put the liquid into your mouth,don’t swallow just wait like 35 minutes and spit it out 2 times daily. Till the teeth pains stops and it will not repeat again.

2) Ewe iyeye leaves can be dried,crushed to powder form and apply on wounds, snake bite.

3) The ewe iyeye /bark can be cooked to get the tea to treat stomach ache, rheumatism, joint pain, dysentery, all types of wound. It is a good antiseptic.

Health benefits of Ewe Iyeye (Hog Plum Leaves), EWE IYEYE for fertility
Ewe iyeye picture.

4) The ewe iyeye leaves/bark is used in postpartum infections of uterus following of miscarriage or abortion.

5) The hog plum leaf is good for sore throat and ear infection.

6. Ewe iyeye for fertility:

Hog plum leaves and fertility. Ewe iyeye is believed to boost fertility in both males and females. For women, ewe iyeye helps to boost libido, boost ovulation and regularises their menstruation thereby increasing their chances of getting pregnant. For men, drinking Ewe iyeye tea boosts their libido, cure premature ejaculation, treats weak erection and increases their sperm count, sperm quality, sperm motility and their testosterone levels. Hog plum leaves are fertility boosters..


Tea from ewe iyeye should be taken 1 cup 2 times daily for 2 weeks.

CAVEAT: pregnant woman should not take the preparations from ewe iyeye


What about the benefits of Hog plum fruit?

The fruits itself are rich in vitamin c,good for digestive system because it’s rich in dietary fiber.

It has iron which help in the production of hemoglobin and myoglobin which help in the transfer of oxygen throughout the body system.

The fruits enhances bone health,good source of vitamin k that helps in proper bone health. It has calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

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