List of drugs for patent medicine store in Nigeria.

What is the difference between a pharmacy and a patent medicine store?

In a patent medicine store, you can only get over-the-counter medications like aspirin, paracetamol, etc but at the pharmacy, you can not only get the OTC but also some restricted medications on prescription.

Secondly, pharmacist is available at the pharmacy for counselling , and advice one on how to take medications and when to take it.

Many persons especially those interested in setting up a chemist always write me to ask the drugs permitted by law in patent medicine stores. Patent medicine dealers are a key part of the health care system and their importance can’t be ignored. Even though they most times go beyond their boundaries, they are the ones set up chemist shops in most rural communities where community pharmacies have not been able to penetrate. They are very close to the local populace.

To set up a patent medicine store in Nigeria, you need to pay a certain amount day #200,000 and register with the Patent Medicine Dealers of Nigeria for a licence.

Patent medicine store is the same thing as a chemist shop.

Pharmacy has a licence for supplying and selling of control drugs while patient store are restricted to a limited drugs.

You want to open a patent medicine store in Nigeria? Check the list of drugs you are permitted by law to stock in your patent drug store or chemist shop.

List of drugs for patent medicine store in Nigeria

Analgesics and antipyretics

Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin)- capsules/tablet 300mg

Paracetamol – capsules/tablet- 125mg (Paediatric) 500mg adults
syrups/suspension- 125mg/5ml (60ml/100ml)

Ibuprofen capsules/tablets- 200mg, 400mg

Diclofenac tablets

Antacid Drugs

Magnesium trisilicate mixture – 100ml-200ml

Magnesium trisilicate compound tablets

Aluminum hydroxide, mixture/tablets

Antidiarrhea drugs

Low osmolarity oral rehydration salts

Zinc (sulphate)+ Low osmolarity oral rehydration salts



Anthelmintic Medicines

Levamisole tablets/syrup- Tablets 40mg, Syrup 40mg/5ml

Pyrantel – Tablets/syrup
Tablets, 125mg
Syrup 125mg/5ml



Antimalarial medications

Chloroquine- capsules/tablets/syrup
Capsules/tablets 50mg base (Pediatric) 150m (adult)

Pyrimethamine 25mg plus Sulphadoxine (fansidar) 500mg tablets/ syrup (per 5ml)
Pyrimethamine Tablets 12.5mg, 25mg

Artemisinin- combination therapy (ACT)
Artemether +Lumefantrine
Artesunate +sulphadoxine+Pyrimethamine


Antiseptic and disinfectant solutions

Benzoin compound tincture

Chloroxylenol 5% solution (for dilution)

Dichloroxylenol plus chlorophenol soap solution

Iodine solution 30ml, 60ml

Methylated spirit 50m, 100ml

Sodium hypochlorite (1-10%) , 250ml, 500ml


Povidone Iodine

Anti-anemia drugs – hematinics

Ferrous salts- capsules/tablets – as fumarate, gluconate, sulphate, succinate, fesolate

Ferric ammonium citrate mixture 400mg/5ml

Folic acid tablets 5mg

Antipruritic and astringent drugs

Calamine lotion

Calamine plus zinc oxide lotion/plaster

Loratidine tablets

Cold relief preparations

Chlorpheniramine maleate tablets 4mg/10s
Syrup – 2mg/ 5ml

Diphenhydramine preparation



Forming tablets -spermicides

Emergency contraceptive pills like postpill, postinor, plan b

Dermatological (anti-infective) drugs

Gentian violet tincture 1%

Silver sulphadiazine cream 1%

Antiseptic and disinfectant solutions

Wound Dressing materials

Absorbent gauze

Cotton /crepe bandages

Cotton wool

Elastic plaster dressings

Dusting powder

Zinc, starch and talc dusting powder with or without menthol

Antifungal drugs.

Benzoic acid (6%) plus salicylic acid ( 3% ) ratio 2: 1 cream ,

Clotrimazole cream, ointment 1%; aerosol spray 1%; dusting powder 1%

Funbact A,  baby Tribotan, dermazin , skineal, etc

keratolytic and keratoplastic drugs

coal tar solutions/ ointment

coal tar ointments USP

salicylic acid, ointment /solution
ointment 2.5% solutions , 12% in flexible collodion


Hexetidine solution 0.1%
Non-specific (general) antidotes
Charcoal, activated
Powder /granules /tablets
Powder /granules 5mg/sachet
Tablets 1g

Nutritional drugs see vitamins, minerals, and nutritional drugs

Magnesium hydroxide mixture- hydrated magnesium oxide, 550mg/10ml
Magnesium sulphate
Granules/sachet 5g. mixture 4g/10ml
Senna Granules/ tablets

rubefacients and inhalers

Methyl salicylate compound preparations
Balms, creams, embrocation’s
Liniments, rubs, ointments, Oils and inhalers

Scabicides and pediculicides

Benzyl benzoate emulsion 25%

Monosulfiram solution/soap 25%

Throat antiseptic preparation

Dequalinium hydrochloride- 250mg lozenges
Domiphen bromide (0.5mg)

Hexetidine mouthwash/gargle 0.1%

Menthol plus eucalyptus oil plus camphor plus thymol (0.207%plus 0.069% plus 0.0007% respectively

Menthol plus ascorbic acid plus anhydrous citric acid (0.09% plus 2.9412% plus 0.8332 respectively ) lozenges

Vitamins, minreals, and nutritional drugs

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C ) – tablets
Tablets, 100mg, Syrup 100mg per 5ml
B complex vitamins
Cod liver oil – capsules, syrup
Multivitamins- capsules/ tablets/ syrup/ drops

Calcium salts

Calcium gluconate tablets, 500mg
Calcium lactate – tablets , 300mg
Folic acid- tablet 5mg
Glucose powder for oral use.

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