How to use lime and lipton to prevent pregnancy.

I saw this tweet by a lady on TWITTERNG and I have decided to respond to it because it is very misleading.

The lady tweeted:

“Natural remedy for pregnancy prevention.

Ingredients: Lime, Lipton Tea

Preparation: Boil 8 pieces of lime and 6 bags of Lipton tea.

Dosage:Drink one cup once daily for 2 days. Boil and do this after having sex.”

This lady must have been practicing this home remedy for preventing pregnancy to be confident OR bold enough to tweet it. However, it is totally false and misleading. This right here is the reason for the population explosion and unwanted pregnancies in Nigeria. A combo of Lipton and lime even when mixed with alabukun does not prevent pregnancy or flush out sperm.

The believers that lime and Lipton can wash out sperm after unprotected sex is totally false. If you have been doing giveaway this, and you think it has been working for you as a lady, be rest assured that it is mere coincidence or luck and one day your luck will run out and you will get pregnant.

Lipton tea and lime are not contraceptives. Lime is a fruit. They are a rich source of vitamin C, are sour, and are often used to accent the flavours of foods and beverages. Lime does not have pregnancy preventing ability.

How to use lime and lipton to prevent pregnancy
Lipton tea and lime combo does not prevent pregnancy

Lipton tea is a very popular traditional that does not and cannot be used to flush out sperm or prevent pregnancy… Mixing lime and Lipton doesn’t cannot cause abortion or miscarriage either. Lime and Lipton tea are not emergency contraceptive pills.

Ladies if you want to prevent unintended pregnancy after unprotected sex, it is important you take postinor, postpill, or plan b immediately or within 72hours. You can also see a doctor for the best advise on contraception.


Lime and Lipton is not a contraceptive

Mixture of Lime and Lipton does not prevent pregnancy not even during ovulation

Mixture of lime and Lipton tea does not flush out sperm

Mixture of lime and Lipton plus ginger does not wash out sperm

A combination of lime and Lipton tea does not remove sperm from the body fast.

A combination of lime and Lipton does not prevent sperm from getting to the egg and neither does it kill sperm.

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