Can Nospamin and Gripe water be used together?

Take not of this:

Nospamin does not relief infant colic

Gripe water foes not relief infant colic

Infracol does not relief infant colic

Using gripe water and Nospamin together cannot relief baby colic.

Gripe water and Nospamin are actually harmful to the babies and using them together even makes the toxic effects worse even though it will still not work.

Using a combo of Nospamin and gripe water for colic does not work same with using them single. They should not be used at all for babies.

Can Nospamin and Gripe water be used together?
Do not use Nospamin and gripe water together for a baby… do not use them at all

You want the know more about colic, read the passage written by Steph Merrick for Calderdale Breastfeeding Peer Support Service below:

What is colic and does my baby have it?

Colic is understood to be frequent, prolonged and intense crying in an otherwise healthy infant.
It is not a medical diagnosis or a ‘condition’ but a combination of behaviours that are present for seemingly no clear reason, so it can be difficult to find strategies that bring relief.

It’s particularly frustrating for parents and caregivers for precisely this reason.
Crying is normal for infants, especially in the first three months of their lives; it’s how babies communicate a need with their caregivers. Colic is different though and hard to define. For many parents, the period of unsettled behaviour and intense crying often begins in the late afternoon and early evening and is different to what they’ve come to identify as their infant’s ‘normal’ cries.

The periods of crying can last for several hours and babies may look as though they are in pain or discomfort. The strategies that may work for stopping crying in the day may appear to have little to no effect in the evening.

The cause of colic is unknown though is thought to stem from digestive system immaturity. It may be exacerbated by a range of contributing factors such as food intolerances, trapped wind, overstimulated senses or something else particular to your child.

Strategies that have been known to help and support with colic symptoms are
– Ensuring good attachment at the breast if breastfeeding
– Offering breastfeeds or a dummy as sucking can offer pain relief
– Gentle motion such as rocking baby
– Some positions such as ‘tiger in the tree’
– Gentle baby massage
– Taking baby outdoors
– Giving baby a bath or other gentle heat on the tummy
– Skin to skin
The good news is that colic usually tapers off and resolves by the time the baby is 12 weeks old (sometimes later for preterm babies.)
It is important that if your baby’s crying is beginning to affect you that you keep both yourself and baby safe.
You are encouraged to put baby in a safe spot and take a breather or swap with another adult if able.


Can Nospamin and Gripe water be used together?

No. Both gripe water and Nospamin does not work for colic and can not be used singly or together….There are proven ways to help your baby’s abdominal colic and these methods are listed above.

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