How to gain weight within a week in Ghana….

Underweight? Skinny? Want to add some weight fast in Ghana? Don’t worry, here are so tips you can try.

How to gain weight within a week in Ghana
How to gain weight within a week in Ghana

Simple Tips to Gain Weight fast in Ghana:

.Rest well
.Never skip meals
.Eat 5-6 times a day.
.Eat snacks in between meals.
.Eat a lot of meat, milk, yoghurt, potatoes, yam and brown rice.
. Avoid stress and excessive exercises.
.Eat French fries.
.Take potato chips.
.Eat cakes, pizzas, small chops and doughnut.
.Take soft drinks and energy drinks.
.Eat lots of white bread.
.Eat chocolate regularly.
.Drink ice cream regularly and flavored yoghurts as well.

The above food and snacks are known to cause massive weight gain.

More tips on Weight Gain.

.Drink water only at the end of your meal.
.Don’t smoke
.Try weight gainer drinks and shakes.
.Try out weight gain syrups or appetizers like apetamin, apetabon, and super apeti plus.
.Some blood tonics in Ghana also helps in weight gain.

Kindly ask from a good nutritionist or gym trainer on which is best. They are usually high in protein, carbs and calories which can help you gain weight.

But monitor your weight gain, so you don’t become overweight.

While a good number of people are overweight, a high number are underweight as well. Both has their problems medically and psychologically.

How to know if I am underweight?

It is based on what we call the BMI which means Body Mass Index.
If your BMI is less than 18.5, you are underweight. And if more than 24.5, you are overweight and if more than 30, you are fat or obese and if more than 40, your life is medically at risk.

Sometimes been overweight is genetic and runs in the family and sometimes illnesses like diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer and hiv and some infections can keep people underweight.
There is no overnight magic. You need to try these tips for 6-9 months. You should see results in 3 months.

Please kindly share it with others and post on other platforms as well for someone struggling to gain weight.

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