Can Beecham Ampiclox terminate early pregnancy?


Beecham Ampiclox does not prevent pregnancy

Beecham Ampiclox is not a contraceptive

Beecham Ampiclox will not stop you from getting pregnant

Can Beecham Ampiclox terminate early pregnancy?
Can Beecham Ampiclox terminate early pregnancy?

It is an antibiotic and not a contraceptive

Use Postinor or postpill to prevent pregnancy.

The rate at which teenagers are getting pregnant and using unsafe abortive measures is alarming. These concotions are deadly.

There are also emergency contraceptives such as postinor 2, Post pill, sendinor 2.

Don’t fall pregnant.

I pity those ladies who still believe that a combination of Ampiclox and Andrew liver salt can prevent or terminate pregnancy.

The worst of part of it is that they don’t even want to listen until they can’t find their next period.

Salt water can not prevent pregnancy.

7up can not prevent pregnancy.

Lime can not prevent or terminate pregnancy.

Ampiclox can not terminate pregnancy.

Andrew liver salt can not prevent pregnancy.

Ginger and garlic can not prevent pregnancy.

What I will never understand is how someone supposedly educated will take ampiclox ‘Beecham’ and wash after intercourse to prevent pregnancy… And then get pregnant and blame the antibiotics… Pregnancy is not an infection & Ampiclox is not a contraceptive…

Also certain antibiotics can interact with birth control pills and reduce their efficacy when taken together or about the same time and cause failure of these contraceptives… Via various mechanisms, don’t play yourself…

Also washing after sex to prevent pregnancy, is ineffective, as the sperm swim very quickly & many would have already entered the uterus. There is also an increased risk of STIs & vaginal infections.

Ampiclox capsule is an #antibiotic so it is used to treat #bacteria infections. It does not flush out sperm and it cannot prevent or abort #pregnancy. Use antibiotics responsibly, discriminately and appropriately. Don’t waste you time ….Ampiclox cannot be used induce abortion and cannot terminate pregnancy whether early or late…Ampiclox does not also prevent the sperm from fertilizing the female egg.

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  1. Can a pregnant woman take ampiclox at her earlier months of pregnancy. Cos my doctor gave me the drug because am afraid to take it.

  2. I did D and C December 9 2021 and I’m not still seeing my period rather I feel so much pain in my stomach everyday and besides I’m feeling like I’m 2 months pregnant

  3. My roommate took 2 ampiclox at once hoping it would get rid of her 2 weeks pregnancy, please is the baby’s life at risk?

  4. I’m feeling like I’m pregnant, I ought to have seen my period since this week and I’m seeing pregnancy symptoms.
    My first menstruation since about 1 year and 7months ago I gave birth was second of last month.
    I used over dose of ampliclox Beecham yesterday, but I’m not seeing result till now, just that I’m week. Please how do I get rid of this pregnancy because I’m not yet ready for it?

  5. I am 1month pregnant and I want to get rid of it, cus I am breastfeeding. Wat will I do or take?? Plssss I need help


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