What can i mix with shea butter for my baby?

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This passage below answers all your question, well almost all the questions.

Read carefully and learn the best natural ways you can take care of your baby’s delicate skin in Nigeria.

Homemade body cream for children of all ages
Every mother want their kids to be fair in complexion such that they go the extra miles of mixing creams for their toddlers.
I now see kids who are bleached due to their mums mixology. This is bad.

I beg all mothers mixing creams for their kids to stop, like stop it right now.
Every child is beautiful both dark skin and fair skin.Please stop exposing your children’s skin.

I’m sick and tired of seeing toddlers with 4 skin colours just because mothers are now mixing toning and bleaching creams.
Funbact A use in creams is also extremely bad it can cause liver problems in the long run.
To all the mothers on this table ,kindly stop for the good of the children” .

Natural Body Cream for Children of all ages.
1. 400 grammes of shea butter
2. 4 tablespoon of natural honey
3. 1 tablespoon of palmkernel oil
4. 6 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Mix the shea butter with coconut oil until very smooth and there is no more lumps add your honey and continue to mix and finally add the palm kernel oil, mix until it turns smooth.
Pour into a air tight container with lid and it is ready for use..

What can i mix with shea butter for my baby?
What can i mix with shea butter for my baby?

So mixing shea butter with Skineal, Funbact A or tydineal or even any other triple action cream is a dangerous venture…don’t try it.



  1. Hi,
    I made this baby cream in small proportion, and applied it on my 3 month old, I now see some facial and body hair growth on her, I am very much at guilt, the coconut oil is suspected to have aided in the hair growth, she dint have this before.

  2. With the comment, I am scared of trying it. I really need a good health cream for my baby or can I take out the coconut oil?


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