Is Funbact A bleaching cream? Let look at the side effects of using funbact A to bleach your skin and that of a baby’s skin.

YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT..Triple action cream products such as #skineal, #funbactA or other triple action creams are not skin beauty products but they are medicines used to treat skin infections. They, especially Funbact A, and Skineal have the ability to bleach or lighten the skin since they contain steroids.

Is Funbact A bleaching cream?
Is Funbact A bleaching cream?

Because of this, many persons especially ladies use Funbact a to bleach their skin and to lighten up their dark knuckles. Some mothers even use Funbact A to bleach their baby’s skin…they mix it with shea butter or any other baby cream or lotion and use it to lighten up their skin.This however, is totally wrong in all shades.

So, many mother’s we have today used many methods to make their babies fair and the most common methods they employ is the use of Funbact A, Skineal, Hydrocortisones and others.

It’s very annoying, immoral and nefarious act trying to change your child’s skin. This creams are for skin disease not for this purpose!

There are lots of steps you can take to make your kids skin blaze instead of bleaching it!

Adding Funbact A and Skineal to the creams of your kids in an attempt to lighten up their skins is one of the most dastardly act you will ever do! SKIN DISEASE IS REAL!

Health implications of prolonged use of topical steroids include;
👉skin discolouration,
👉 skin thinning leading to striae (permanent stretch marks),
👉slower rate of wound healing,
👉easy bruising amongst others.

Rather than indulge in skin bleaching and increase your child’s risk of battling skin issues as he grows, why not make your child comfortable with the colour of his/her skin?

Funbact A and Skineal are medications and they must be used correctly to meet the purposes for which they were manufactured which include skin conditions caused by fungi, bacteria or inflammation.

They are not for cosmetic purposes!

Stop using triple action creams as cosmetic products. It has severe effects on your skin especially with long term use. When the skin gets used to using it for too long, stopping it might bring up hurting rashes on your faces.

If you’re experiencing skin break out presently all you have to do is to wait it out. And don’t use it that way any more. Mixing it into creams and lotions too, might not be a good idea as you do not know if both components are a biological match for each other.

Mixing triple action creams with body cream might lead to a skin break out or infection. Mixing funbact A or Skineal for babies and infants is even far more dangerous. Stay informed!

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