Can I mix Skineal with my body cream for bleaching, black spots, eczema & sunburn?

Skineal And Shea Butter As Babies Cream
In retrospect,i made a post last year regarding mothers that are bleaching their babies skin all in the name of ‘He/she is getting dark’, and now they are reducing the use of Caro white on their babies, now they are going ORI+SKINEAL .
There was a woman in a cosmetic store where i went to get a facial powder and some body cologne , who was actually bewailing on how dark her child of 4 years old was becoming, according to her, she had tried all the necessary prescriptions given to her by other friends of hers,she she want her child to glow like the sun, hmmm Hanti Glow-Ria well done o, then one of the other women who was retailing cosmetic lines suggested mixing Ori (shea butter) with skineal for the child,fortunately i quickly heard it and i knocked the travesty of an ideal off her mouth,she started arguing about how effective and safe the mixture on kids is ,this time around she wasn’t alone, other buyers were supporting the idea, only few denounced it, this same woman who made the suggestion said that she started using skineal and ori on her baby since he was one and a half years old, can you imagine?

‘The chance of disaster was appreciably high and she voluntarily and reprehensibly took that risk with its terrible consequences.’

I was so ashamed of what she said, and i deeply felt for the child, the little boy look pale, i can say that he’s very much healthy but what i heard threw me off the mountain cliff. I also heard another woman from the background majestically shouting ‘It’s only Ori that my babies are using o, but we are glowing ‘,Hanti GLOW-RIA ona plenty full ground yes but that your baby get black knuckles as small as that child is.

First of all let’s take a look at some of the compositions in Skineal:

Skineal on a right hand is an ANTIFUNGAL, ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, AND ANTIPRURITIC CREAM that’s to be used as a drug under a dermatologist prescription and to be discontinued as prescribed.
Ketoconazole 10mg
Clobetasol Propionate 0.25mg
Neomycin Sulfate 5000IU

Scientifically these compositions are not supposed to be exposed to human skin more than 10-14 days of contacts let alone babies of tender ages, normally a dermatologist will advise you not to exceed 14 days, but judging from the ingredients composition i will not advise an adult to exceed 7-10 days because of your blood stream, now Clobetasol Propionate or any tube that has this chemical is met to treat skin problems and not to be used as skin brighteners ,clobetasol goes skin deep into your blood stream, that’s where the cells lies,and that’s where it feel more comfortable.

Can I mix Skineal with my body cream
Can I mix Skineal with my body cream

Nigerians are no longer concerned about their health any more, they are more likely to get lighter in complexion even at the verge of loosing their life at it, what a horror, clobetasol is a steroid known to treat skin irregularities under few days and one of its adverse effects is BLEACHING the skin, which is what majority of people enjoy most especially here in Nigeria.

And instructions from the company producing Skineal

1.Keep away from children
2.Do not exceed prescribed dosage
I’m not surprised, despite all this warnings, some will still give a deaf ear because they are more concerned about lighter skin tone for babies.

Ndi Aunty GLOW-RIAS, please if you want to bleach your skin, you’re free to do so but please keep the children out of it, FDA warned people to not use bleaching brands on children under 12 years of age, still…

Mixing skineal with your baby cream will be a disaster….don’t try it…leave your baby skin alone.

Thank you.

Rihanne victory Johnson


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