Ways and 7 Steps to Prevent Sperm Leakage (Eda)

It is completely normal for some quantity of sperm and seminal fluid to flow back out of your “body” after sexual intercourse. Whatever goes up…gotta come down…this should not be hard for you to understand. Everything , including semen must obey the law of gravity.

And no this doesn’t stop pregnancy.

Stop taking those concoctions from herbal medicine hawkers in the name of preventing sperm leakage. You are wasting your time and money for a “disease” that does not exist and a natural phenomenom that is totally normal.

The female reproductive organ isn’t a black hole where things go to disappear, don’t forget they are all pointing downwards. I hope you understand this.

Ways and 7 Steps to Prevent Sperm Leakage (Eda)
Steps to Prevent Sperm Leakage (Eda)

By the time you stand up or by the time the fluid starts to leak whatever sperm that wants to swim would have gone up the cervix and into the fallopian tube to fertilize the ovum/egg for pregnancy.

Sometimes it is even a good thing, it shows that the man is producing something. If you understand what I mean.

Now as for what the Yorubas call eda( sperm leakage) some herbal practitioners believe that no sperm should come out after intercourse either while lying down or standing up. This is false.Now some cases are lumped together under “Eda/sperm leakage”

Some conditions can prevent the sperm from swimming upwards and this includes:

-Antibodies attacking the sperm
-Low-quality cervical mucus- Lack of a quality CM can hinder the ability of the sperm to swim against gravity towards the fallopian tube.
-Poor sperm quality and motility – Sperm with low motility won’t be able to swim far or at all.

PS: Apart from the fact that sperm leakage is normal…One needs to be careful herbs one take into the body.Some can be toxic,and affect key organs of the body like the kidneys and the liver. All those techniques most women use to prevent sperm leakage do not work….don’t waste your energy on frivolities.

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