Can I take postinor 2 twice in a week? How many times can a lady take postinor in a month?

Common Mistakes People Make With “Postinor”:

– Taking it before sex
– Forgetting to take the 2nd dose, 12 hours later (for 2-pill)
– Sharing the pill with your male partner (for 2-pill)🤔
– Using it during ovulation
-Taking postinor 2 twice a week
-Taking postinor 2 three times in a month.
– Using it more than once in a monthly cycle.
-Taking postinor 2 four times in a month
-Taking postinor two times (twice) in a month

Can I take postinor 2 twice in a week?
Can I take postinor 2 twice in a week? NO

What to do👇

Emergency contraceptive pills could come in one-pill or 2-pill packs. Always read the instruction leaflet, for usage directions.

– Emergency contraceptives are most effective when taken within the first 72 hours following unprotected sexual intercourse. Not before sexual intercourse.

– They are only used by the woman
– They are not for long term use, so do not abuse. It’s only beneficial once, per cycle. After unplanned unprotected sex.
If you find yourself using it more than 2 months in a row, it’s advised you seek a longer method of contraception.
– About ovulation, the pills are not reliable. An alternative would be an IUD (Intrauterine contraceptive device), which can prevent pregnancy up to 5 days, following unprotected sex. It can also be left in for as long as you require contraception, even up to 10 years.

An upside to the non hormonal IUD, is that once removed, the woman, if ovulating, can get pregnant same day.

Hormonal contraceptives might alter your period (that’s how they work to achieve contraception), but they do not cause infertility.

Talk to a Dr if you have concerns.

Every man or woman has a method, that works perfectly for them. The mistake we make is trying to choose by ourselves. With the help of a provider, you can choose the best option for YOU.

PS: Many young ladies make it arbitrary to take Postinor-2 anytime they engage in unprotected intercourse in order to prevent pregnancy.This drug isn’t made as a regular method of contraception contrary to the way it’s been abused.

There are lots of risks associated with the constant use of postinor; just like the abuse of any other drug.

Dr Chioma Nwakanma


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