Super Apeti plus vs Apetamin: Which is better for weight gain and getting fat?

Is super apeti the same as apetamin?

Analysing Super apeti syrup Vs apetamin

Apetamin and super apeti plus are probably the most popular weight gain syrup in the market now. There is this argument for against apetamin and super apeti plus..while some believe that apetamin causes weight gain better than super apeti while others prefer super apeti for weight gain more than apetamin.The argument continues.

Let us compare and contrast , and then look at the differences between apetamin and super apeti plus.

What is Super apeti plus? 👇

• what does this syrup do? : This syrups is similar to apetamin, it slows your metabolism while increasing your appetite which aids in weight gain

• Is it safe?: Yes! This syrup is FDA approved

•Strength: Super apeti plus is 2X stronger than apetamin which results In faster results…this is higher disputed by apetamin lovers.

• How long will super apeti plus take to see results?: Results vary from 7-20 days with consistent use

Side effects: Minimal to no drowsiness..The following adverse reactions have been reported with the use of super apeti plus (cyproheptadine):

Neurological: Sedation, sleepiness (often transient), disturbed coordination, dizziness, confusion, restlessness, excitation, nervousness, irritability, tremor, paraesthesiae, insomnia, convulsions, euphoria, hallucinations, faintness etc.. This side effect is same for apetamin…since they both contain cyproheptadine.

Super Apeti plus vs Apetamin
Super Apeti plus vs Apetamin

I am not for or against apetamin or super apeti plus….the truth is medically , but super apeti plus and apetamin are not FDA approved and are not medically indicated. Doctors frown at cyproheptadine containing drugs or syrups for weight gain. If you want to get fat, then eat.

Don’t skip meals babe ! The goal is to gain! Eating 3-4 meals (2500+ calories) daily along with snacks in between will surely help with results. Also increase your water intake 💜


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