What Is Cypri Gold caplets and tablets used for?

” BEFORE YOU TAKE THAT DRUG; “CYPROHEPTADINE” popularly known as cyprigold or novogold.

Obesity is not a sign of healthy living and can never be?……This is paramount for an health conscious person to know simply because it all stems from an under recognised driver which is desire to gain weight.

Hence the need to know about a particular drug which is disguising itself under a lot of misconception in Nigeria among unaware populace to achieve “Pseudo weight gain or drug induced weight gain”.

What Is Cypri Gold caplets used for
What Is Cypri Gold caplets used for

The responsible factors for any person to indulge in achieving weight gain by taking excess dose of a drug whose side effects is weight gain out of many other undesirable side effects is still baffling.

But the craze for curvy body,filled out body,needs for welcoming compliments like ” oti jeun sókè” or “wetin you don dey chop” or “you look plumpy” could not be left out;coupled with the level of poor health awareness battling Nigeria as a whole.

Hence the need to know what this drug called “CYPROHEPTADINE” available as (cypron,cyprigold,novogold).

This drug is undoubtedly an OTC in Nigeria(over the counter medicine);which means drugs you can get without a doctor’s prescription.

CYPROHEPTADINE: To a clinician ,it is an older generation antihistamine,which is used mainly in sufferers of allergic symptoms such as itchy eyes,frequent running nose ,recurrent sneezing and the likes……They are also drug by virtue of their side effects causes you to sleep.. Nevertheless ,they can also suppress nausea and vomiting because of their effects on some center in the brain.
This drug can stimulate appetite in users by unknown mechanism.

However because of the central effects of this drugs,better alternatives with less sleepy effects or undue weight gain are available nowadays .Likes of loratidine,cetirizine and the likes.

However,the weight gain side effects of this drug is now the hobby of some Nigerians which is a cause for concern at a point in time when we are still baffling with misuse of topical steroids in creams,leading users of bleaching creams in Africa.

Drug induced weight gain will either predispose you to many health ailments that are not related to the drug used whose risk is hazardous to take.Hence the need to desist.

Common misconception about this drug
It is a multivitamin?…..(No)It contains no vitamins but purely antihistamine as earlier said.

It is ideal drug for sleep?…..(No).Poor sleep or insomnia in you should be addressed by a clinician.

It refreshes you?….(No). Good nutrition, rest and exercise is the key.

In view of the above ,it is better to know deriving pleasure from side effects of a drug that has no benefits outweighing risk is tantamount to misuse….Hence stay away from OTC use of CYPROHEPTADINE for weight gain …….

#Dangerous to health#…..It is part of the undying love for “Máwu Máwu ” .


Courtesy: Dr. Abolude Yusuf



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