Side Effects and Health Benefits of monkey tail drink

What is the meaning of monkey tail?

In Nigeria, monkey tail does not literarily mean the tail of a monkey , it is sometime quite different ..monkey tail is a hard drink made from a fermented combo of Indian hemp (marijuana) leaves or seeds and dry gin or local gin like ogogoro. Monkey tail is a local herbal concoction that used to be sold discretely in various motor parks and local joints (paraga joints) until recently that it is now sold in the open…even though sellers of this highly dangerous herb are always under the radar of the NDLEA. Monkey tail drink is very addictive.

Nigerian Monkey tail drink is popular among youths, security agents, bus drivers and even the elderly. This is also partly because it is readily accessible, affordable and available…A woman Hawking monkey tail drink told me that a shot of monkey tail cost about N80 naira while a medium size Eva water bottle coast about #600.

Health benefits of monkey tail...

Why do people take monkey tail? To me, i don’t think drinking monkey tail has any benefits but persons that consume this drink have highlighted the following health benefits.

According to some the persons I interviewed on why the love the monkey tail drink, here are some of their reasons;

1…”flushes out typhoid and malaria”

2. “Makes me sleep well at night”

3. “monkey tail Treats weak erection and premature ejaculation.’

4. “Detoxifies and removes toxins from the blood”

5. Cures stomach ulcer and stomach pains

6. A lady I spoke with said monkey tail helps relieves her menstrual cramps

7. “Boosts the immune system and helps the body to fight disease”

8. “Improves libido and sexual performance.”

9. “Naim we dey take for corona…naim make corona no dey near us.” A man said.

Side Effects of Monkey tail drink

Apart from the poor hygienic conditions of monkey tail, it also have high alcoholic content combined with Indian hemp (wewe) and all what not. Taking monkey tail can cause food poisoning, diarrhoea and gastroenteritis.

The major and most dreaded side effects of monkey tail drink include;

1. Liver damage – liver cirrhosis

2. Kidney damage

3. Peptic ulcer disease – stomach ulcer and stomach cancers

4. Psychosis – madness

5. Oesophageal cancers, throat cancers, prostate cancer, liver cancer , and mouth cancer …this is because of the alcohol content….don’t forget most abusers of monkey tail also smoke cigarettes making the risk of cancers higher.

6. Addiction…craving and withdrawal symptoms.

7. Monkey tail can cause weak erection, low libido and low sperm count.

8. Women who take monkey tail can have distorted ovulation and irregular menstrual cycle and vaginal dryness.

9. Makes the society victim of social vices like armed robbery, kidnapping and sexual abuse.

10. Drivers who take monkey tail are very prone to road traffic accidents.

11. Coma and sudden death

12. Seizures

PS: There is nothing good or beneficial about taking monkey tail. Please stop taking it.

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  1. I wondered if you write based on your dislike for cannabis or based on the side effect of same. i have given interest to researching on the same topic, having made it a “part-time” drink. Cannabidiol has widely been researched on and it’s effect as an anticancer substantiated. Aside this, cannabis enhances sexual reproduction and several others, which you may like to look into.


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