What is Jedi Jedi? Can scent leaf cure jedi jedi?

“Jedi-Jedi” is not one disease and there is also no one treatment for all.

MYTH: ‘It can be treated only traditionally’
Jedi-jedi👼 is a Yoruba word which literally means “something eating up the anus”.
It is a very popular word which is often thrown around for many different medical conditions often having to do with the gastrointestinal tract✍. It is believed to affect both children and adults as a result of sugary or junk food intakes.

✅The common diseases often labelled jedi-jedi and their proper medical terms:

1-Passage of frothy stools; which are also often watery. This is DIARRHOEA.Passage of mucoid stools.This is also DIARRHOEA.

2-Passage of bloody or mucoid and bloody stool.
This is DYSENTERY. A mass protrusion from the anus which can reversibly be in and out or permanently out..This is RECTAL PROLAPSE. Presence of some tags or part of the intestines which come and go….most likely also called piles. These are HAEMORRHOIDS.

📣So we see that the term “Jedi-Jedi” in the local language does not refer to just one disease diagnosis but several types…even in adults back pain and constipation are also grouped as “Jedi-Jedi”!!!
It is important to state that since “Jedi-Jedi” is not one disease. Therefore, there is also no one treatment fit all.

📣Please do not give local herbs for “Jedi-Jedi”either once in a while or routinely to children either for prevention or treatment. The danger of this practice is the fact that these herbs can cause liver or kidney damage. Let us protect these vital organs of our children.

If you think your baby has “Jedi-Jedi”; Please see a doctor to know what the right medical disease or diagnosis is. Let it be treated appropriately by the professionals.



Can scent leaf cure jedi jedi?

I have already explained what you need to do to get rid of your jedi jedi…use of herbs like scent leaf or even bitter leaf to rub the anus cannot cure jedi jedi, it will only infect your pile…Some persons even squeeze the juices of scent leaf on their anus so as to cure jedi jedi but the truth is , it is a waste of time…Scent leaf cannot cure jedi jedi which may come in the form of back pain, piles (hemorrhoids), rectal prolapse, constipation, weak erection, diarrhoea, dysentery etc. If you have jedi jedi, see a doctor, scent leaf cannot help you.

Can scent leaf cure jedi jedi?
Scent leaf and jedi jedi


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