Can Yoni Pearls cure PID and STDs?

The answer is a big NO. Rather , Yoni Pearls which most ladies insert has been implicated or have the ability to introduce bacteria and other microbes into the female reproductive tract causing sexually transmitted infections and pelvic inflammatory disease. In essence , yoni Pearls causes PID and STD instead if curing it.

Do you really know what PID as a disease entails? Let me educate you about PID this morning.


Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a bacterial infection that spreads right from the vagina, to the opening of the Womb (cervix) into the Womb itself affecting the womb structures!

Mostly transmitted sexually by Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or mycoplasma genitalium.

So in theory, what happens is, the vagina gets infected by a microorganism, could be fungi or bacteria, when this is left untreated, it then ascends into the cervix,(the door that leads to the womb, and then into the womb, to the Fallopian tubes,eventually affecting the ovaries.

Can Yoni Pearls cure PID and STDs?
Can Yoni Pearls cure PID and STDs?

Then triggers pelvic pain and other inflammatory responses. When the Fallopian tubes and ovaries becomes affected it makes it impossible for the ovaries to become fertilized, and no pregnancy can occur.

In addition to this, the infection if still left untreated, can begin to spread to surrounding and higher organs, structures and tissues in your body.

According to a retrospective study, (2018) PID accounts for about 5-20% of gynecological admissions globally.


In addition to the aforementioned;
*Recurrent vagina infections
*Retrograde menstruation (back flow of menstruation)
*vagina instrumentation

Most common risk factors;

*vagina itself
*Sexual intercourse at young age
*Multiple sexual partners
*Untreated vagina infections
*previous history of STIs
*inconsistent use of Condom
*incorrect use of Contraceptive devices
*Induced/incomplete abortion
*poor menstrual hygiene
*Use of yoni Pearls and other types of pearls.
*Hormonal disturbance
*low socioeconomic status
*Being in school


*pain when urinating
*abdominal pain
*heavy or painful periods
*bleeding between periods and after sex
*yellowish and smelly vagina discharge
*pain during sex
*nausea and vomiting


*Infertility has been recognized as the most common complication of PID worldwide.
*Ectopic pregnancy
*infection of other surrounding organs e.g Liver


*Antibiotics tablets and inserts via the vagina and dropped near the cervix.
*Anti fungal tablets
*Topical creams can also be used at the onset of infection

NB; Your current partner also needs to get treated to avoid a recurrence.


*Early detection, diagnosis & treatment
*Safe sex/abstinence
*Improved menstrual hygiene
*prompt and proper treatment of vagina infections
*proper use of intra uterine devices(IUCD)
*Stop inserting pearls.


Baby Nurse.

Dr Udomoh


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