Ayilo has no benefits: Harmful effects of eating Ayilo during pregnancy.


Pica is any substance you crave for but has little or no nutritional value.
In Ghana Baked clay or Ayilo is a typical example of Pica.

Even with no healrh benefits, during pregnancy, some women eat Ayilo or baked clay to satisfy their cravings. It’s made up of white clay and has no nutritional value.It may rather end up giving you problems.

Harmful effects of eating Ayilo during pregnancy

Some reasons you should avoid ayilo include:

🔴It can cause anaemia since it has no nutrients and you may not eat because it brings you some satisfaction
🔴Worm infestation, since it’s made up of clay that may have some worms in it for example hook worm infestation
🔴There could be fetal growth restrictions since you are not getting enough nutrients for babies development
🔴Your general health will be compromised and you can be prone to infections and other illnesses.

Lets talk about ayilo addiction:

In a focused group discussion, one woman who had severe anaemia told the group, addiction to #Ayilo within the Ghana community is worse than #tramadol.

She would eat more than 20pieces a day and still want more. She confessed she was not the only one and that there are several women in her community with the same problem of addiction to ‘Ayilo’.
She has been addicted for more than 5 years. She decided stop when she realized it was having serious effect on her #health.

‘Ayilo’ or ‘shile’ in Ghana is taken by pregnant women to reduce the morning sickness as well as make them feel better.
Medical professionals have warned expectant mums about the negative effects it can have on their health. It makes them to feel satisfied and therefore eat less resulting in nutritional deficiencies.
Anaemia, low birth weight, worm infestation , underweight and poor birth outcomes are some of its effects.
It is important that pregnant women eat foods that are nutritious and cravings substituted with healthy foods that provide nutrients to the baby and mum.
If there is a severe #nausea and vomiting see a medical professional or #doctor for the best care. Also seek the help of a #nutritionist to help to help you overcome your crave and improve your nutrition during pregnancy.

It’s important to substitute your craving for foods that will add nutritional value to your body. Example fruits, juice, nuts and some healthy biscuits or vegetables.

Ayilo has no benefits: Harmful effects of eating Ayilo during pregnancy
Pregnancy or not, eating ayilo is harmful to your health.

For every thing you eat during pregnancy. Ask your self, does it contain any nutrients that will benefit me and my baby? If no say goodbye to it!



Midwife Sally


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