Analysing the calories in Ghanaian foods…. you are probably here to get a list of high calorie Ghanaian foods or diet and also a list of low calories Ghanaian foods… you want to know this because you are planning to lose weight or gain some weight….

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📌 There’s a ton of confounding information with regards to wellbeing, sustenance, and weight reduction.

📍With all the clashing data flying around the Internet, it’s no big surprise we have such a lot of disarray about what we ought to eat, its amount, and how to remain healthy—and why we’re persuaded that a few nourishments are acceptable, some are awful, and some you totally shouldn’t eat.

calories in Ghanaian foods
High and low calories Ghanaian diets

📌 The general guideline for weight reduction is that the body needs to burn a larger number of calories than it consumes. Anyway, if the equation for shedding weight is so simple, why have lots of diets failed?

📍 Research has shown that the nature of the calories likewise matters for whether an individual will lose weight. Experts concur that since the body utilizes calories from various nutrients in an unexpected way, the way to effective weight reduction is focusing on something beyond calorie counting.

📌 For those seeking to lose weight, finding the best meal plan requires them to know the source of the food they are consumed and how many calories are in the food. 1g of carbohydrates gives 4kcal, 1g of protein gives 4kcal and 1g of fat gives 9kcal.

📍 Though calories may be EQUAL but the quality of the calories is dependent on the food sources. For example, 150 calories of garri and 150 calories of vegetable may be the same but the quality of these two calories are not the same. Likewise, 200 calories of coke are not the same as 200 calories of groundnut. We can see that groundnut is more healthy than coke though both carry 200 calories.

📌 That is why we have low glycemic index foods and high glycemic index foods. The way and path of metabolism of each group of food in the body differ.

🌹So all calories are not the same. So those that are conscious of counting calories should focus more on the type of food that is consumed.

📌 Research has shown that added sugar from refined carbohydrates is the main culprit for excessive weight gain. Many people think fat is the culprit for obesity, but it is not.
✅So to achieve ideal weight loss. Foods that are high in fiber, lean meat, nuts, polyunsaturated fats should be consumed.
✅Foods such as refined carbs, trans fat, sugary drinks, highly processed foods should be reduced in our diets.

🎯 There is a need to eat healthy foods. With this ideal weight loss could be achieved.

Let us quickly take a look at the calories in some popular Ghanaian foods.

Calories in Ghanaian foods

Calories in waakye: 390kcal

How many calories in Banku and okro stew:500kcal

Calories in ghana yam: 116kcal

Calories in one ball of banku: 297kcal

How many calories in kenkey: 180 calories

Calories in ghanaian shito: 190calories

calories in ghanaian light soup: 200 calories

calories in ghanaian beans stew: 253calories

Most of Ghanian popular diets are high in calories.

Do you know any low calories food in Ghana…Please list them in the comments section.


Ayoade Moses


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