Where to get Hepatitis B vaccine in Ibadan?

Many persons from Oyo State write me daily asking me where they can get the hepatitis vaccine in Ibadan. So I decided to write this short article on where to get hepatitis vaccine in Ibadan and the cost… Read along.

Apart from alcohol, hepatitis b virus is a common cause of liver failure and liver cancer in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there are 20 million persons living with chronic hepatitis according to the World Health Organization and this number will increase with time except with the intervention of hepatitis b vaccine.

Here are some things you need to know about the 3-dose #Hepatitis B vaccine schedule of #Vaccination.

The #Hepatitis B vaccine is an injection that is generally given in the arm and as a 3-dose series on a 0, 1, and 6-month schedule. The recommended doses depend on the vaccine brand and the person’s age.

1st Shot is given any time, but newborns and babies should receive this dose in the delivery room (given birth dose).

2nd Shot – At least one month (or 28 days) after the 1st shot; confers protection of ranging from 51% to maximum of 86% to an individual.

3rd Shot – At least 5 months after the 2nd shot. Infants should be a minimum of 24 weeks old at the time of the 3rd shot.
These confers protection ranging from 87% to 100% which can be life long immune protection.

Always be sure to get the #Hepatitis vaccine from a qualified #health worker.

It cost about #10,000 – #15,000 to get a dose of hepatitis b vaccine from designated hospitals and immunization centres, hepatitis b centres and some established diagnostic laboratories in Nigeria and also in Ibadan.


Where to get Hepatitis B vaccine in Ibadan?

The question people always ask is yes we want to get the vaccine but I don’t know where to get it… The purpose of the article is to address this challenge.

People living Ibadan and environs can get the hepatitis b vaccine from centres like University College Hospital (UCH), Molly Specialist Hospital in Ogundiran Crescent Ibadan, Bethel Specialist Hospital Ibadan, Banby Specialist Hospital Akobo Estate, Ibadan, Teju Specialist Hospital, Ibadan Central Hospital, Zenith Care Hospital, Jubilee Hospital Ibadan, Skyline Hospital Ibadan and many more.

Where to get Hepatitis B vaccine in Ibadan?
Where to get Hepatitis B vaccine in Ibadan?

Just walk up to any of these hospitals in Ibadan and request to get vaccinated against hepatitis b virus…remember it is not free and it may cost you #10,000 Naira or more per dose. You will need 3 doses. You will be screened to be sure you are not hepatitis b positive before you will be given the vaccine.

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