Health Assistant salary in Nigeria…

How much are health assistants paid in Nigeria ?

People we go into that, you need to know some things about the roles of a health assistant or porters in hospitals as they are commonly called in Nigeria.

A health assistant is an “unskilled” or semi-skilled (at least in health care point of view) workers in the hospital who carry out very important duties to make the daily running of the hospital smooth and seamless.

Health assistants are a critical part of health care you know. The work in the theatres, hospital wards, emergency departments, sterilization units, intensive care units, laboratories etc

Health assistants here means both porters, nurse assistants, and doctor assistants.

Health Assistant salary in Nigeria
A health assistant in the USA

Roles of a health assistant

You’ll work under the guidance of a healthcare professional such as a nurse or a doctor and your job will vary depending on where you’re based. For example, in a hospital you may:

wash and dress patients up especially the very ill ones

serve meals and help to feed patients

help patients to move around

make beds

make patients feel comfortable

monitor patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight (for axillary nurses)

In a health centres and GP surgery, you may

sterilise equipment

do health checks

restock consulting rooms

process lab samples and take to the lab
take blood samples

do health promotion or health education work.

doctor’s assistant assist in Surgeries sometimes.

What does it take to be a health assistant?

For a nurse assistant also called auxillary nurse, you need to have passed WAEC or NECO and then be trained for 2 years in a private hospital where she or he will be taught basic nursing skills.

Other health assistant don’t need special skills, but most be able able to communicate in English or even pidgin English to make interaction easy.

Health Assistant salary in Nigeria

Health assistant earn between #40,000 – #60,000 naira per month…some health assistants in Nigeria earn as high as #80,000 naira is some big established hospitals.


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