Medical School Story: Life as a medical student in Nigeria. MBBS student stories Nigeria.

When you transit enter medical school and they tell “pass mark is 50”

For your head , The thing go be like downgrading at first , Like a whole me that transited with 4.8 CGPA.

Just 50 abhi, na smalls jaree
First week, Corporate dressing with multi colored socks, well ironed and Starched clothes . The Scholar on main campus has arrived.

Life as a medical student in Nigeria
Life as a medical student in Nigeria. A medical student with 6 distinctions in DELSU

That first week maybe after orientation, Classes never even start but everybody don Dey carry Last Anatomy, Keith Moore anatomy, kinikan gbas gbos embryology .
Awon wayray, they wan Dey oppress others 😂😂😂😂😂

At first Life go easy, you go Dey read gently with no rushing , Taking dope dope pictures yunno say Doctor don enter town mehn FireFire

Class go start and at first it might seem just so confusing but then Docki Docki must pass incourse and na just 50 be pass mark na so rushing.

Physiology and biochem may not give problems because they are pretty straightforward unlike Anatomy wey be baba Wayray , E go Dey cause confusion

Tutorials go Dey regularly to an extent, senior colleagues go wan Dey teach but teaching no Dey ever reach male students.

Senior wey don Dey single since E enter university Go see 200 level students as “Finally I don see babe”

Most times na from lemme teach you brachial plexus and in less than three weeks, senior wey you Dey call bossman abi Chief , your female classmate go Dey call am Dayo abhi D.

Well things Dey happen sha, Everyone go upgrade, your class girls no go Dey see you on same level again asper fresher SENIOR DOCTORS Dey ground

Life is toff man, no be me and you Dey run parole for main campus when we Dey 100 level 😱😱😱😱. Well na upgrade.

Lectures go don start proper proper. Practicals will be going well until first anatomy dissection practical

You inside a choking smelly room of like 8 Dead people
Nollywood mentality say ghost fit just comot
If you like no look Wetin una dey dissect, body go tell you for exam.

Lectures go still Dey go well , different advice everywhere from seniors

“Read till Stupor”
“I read from textbook front to the back “
“No sleep in medical school “

You go Dey look say ontop “50 pass mark”
Maybe they are not intelligent like that.

Life as a medical student in Nigeria
Medical student dey deceive himself

Incourse is near, well biochemistry might come fast or Physiology
Na that time you go know say yess you don write exam but then na just Physio na

You go don rough am anyhow sha
Then they go release date of anatomy incourse and na that time you just Dey read Axilla😂😂😂😂

Amazing thing is you will still try to follow up regardlesss

Well if your school is nice or the religious bodies, they fit help una set mock exams And mock Practicals

Na that time Steeplechase go fear you
Wayray when you no Dey pass attention for dissection lab.

Well mock to exam no day pass 1 week, na that time you go see people serious with Anatomy atlas and cadaver.

Exam day go come sha, you have to answer like 6-8 theory questions and close to 300 McQs on anatomy

Na that moment you go realize say you no sabi embryology at all

Next day na Steeplechase, For your mind, you go use am cover up for the rubbish wey you do for theory and mcq

Enter steeple chase all like this

For those that are non medics- Steeplechase is a practical exam where they tie or pin parts of cadaver and you must answer in 30 secs.

Na for steeplechase brachioradialis muscle go be like meat for your eye, cephalic vein go Dey resemble ulna nerve

As you Dey vex say you no Dey get the answers, they go ring bell to move
Person for your front go Dey form scholar Dey waste time – o ma ti Wayray danu Alakoba.

Exam don finish then everybody go Dey talk Wetin them see

Abdul- I saw brachialis
Chisom- No oo, it’s deltoid oo

You no go fit Talk cos na meat you see.

Na that time , You go Dey permutate scores

“I suppose reach 20 for theory”
Ahn ahn when I’m not mad, ordinary 20

“Mcq I answered a lot, I suppose get 15”

“Oya worse worse, I will get 20 in dissection “

One thing about med school na say, Life no go even wait for you

Next morning, one lecturer don Dey class Dey wait to teach so your previous exam sorrows gan, you go just digest am within one day

Then they go release results.

Most likely Physiology or biochem at first Everybody Dey get 60, 70
You go just hold your 55

“Well I no fail na, I still try” na your motivation be this , you wey talk say na just 50 na 😂😂😂😂

Anatomy results go comot, before you see the results sef you go don hear 65,3 % failed and you go Dey look ..Shey I fit Dey among the 34,7 wey fail

You go kon dey use competition mentality for your head
“No nau, I better pass Juliet , Ibrahim,Sunday etc …ahn ahn i no fit Fail”

Results go show , you get 43

You wey get 5A for waec, 4.9 CGPA now you don Dey slack

Na that time MSSN/CMDA/FECAMDS go reach out to you
Ahn ahn brotherly/sisterly…..
They go Dey advice bla bla etc

You go move on sha cos if you no move, med school go move whether you move or not 😁😂

Then na time you go feel say” I don see the worst na”, I go try my best next incourse

One thing bout Med school, If you fail once and you no try jazz up, Naxo the failure go continue till MB.

Classes go continue normal normal with other incourses
Then they go release TAPP results

Well to me- medical school never start till you see TAPP incourse results

Cos after that , na just 1 /2 exams from each course remain within one month before MB

You go wan die 🤕🤕🤕

You wey get 43 first anatomy, 40 second anatomy..wahala
Head and neck wey complex 😨😨
MB approaching

you go kon dey look, mehn those senior guys Dey try oo,see Wetin they do before they comot this class

Your body for don mellow, initial gra gra no go Dey, you go read likeee

Maddd cos your Total anatomy incourse assessment na 12/30
Fear go enter you
But las las , you go write the MB
And once you pass like go wan happy like mad cos na where your respect go double for your senior colleagues
It’s not easy.

Note- This isn’t my reality or everyone’s reality because Medical students are exceptional students

It is just an average overlook of things in medical school and most people would relate to what I’m saying

Mehn, life as a medical student in Nigeria no easy.
Path and pharm own later sha. The truth is life as a medical student in Nigeria or anywhere in the world is not easy. Medical school experience in Nigeria can also be hilarious.

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