Using White Quinine For Abortion, Is it Safe? Does it work?

Drug name: Quinine

Street name: Quinine (white quinine)

Medical Drug Use: Malaria

Street Use: Malaria that is not working with them new drugs

Unlicensed Street Use: Abortion

Drug side effects: Tinnitus, headaches, flushes
Street side effects: ‘E dey wave me'(dizziness) and ringing in the ears.

Drug Precaution: Atrial fibrillation, pregnancy. For those ladies that take very doses of quinine for the purpose of abortion or to “prevent” pregnancy…

Have you heard of *Cinchonism*? Don’t go and kill yourself this year.

Street Precaution: Use under medical advice if you have any related heart issues.

P.S. Quinine is safe at therapeutic doses in pregnancy but at high doses can be teratogenic (can cause abnormalities in the baby) and not abortifacient (induce abortion)

*This means when you use it to induce abortion ( not recommended), there’s likelihood of children with disabilities or incomplete abortion which poses a number of risk now and in the future.*

Some people even mix quinine with ampiclox, action or Alomo bitters and dry gin for termination of pregnancy (abortion).

Some ladies take White quinine and Andrew liver salt together just to either prevent pregnancy or induce abortion…

Some persons have written to to find out the dosage of white quinine that can induce abortion or to terminate a pregnancy.

I still wonder if people know the dangers of trying to use high doses of quinine to induce abortion or prevent pregnancy. It is suicidal.

Remember that taking doses of quinine to remove a pregnancy can lead to negative side effects like:

Quinine can adversely affect almost every body system. The most common adverse events associated with quinine use are a cluster of symptoms called “cinchonism”, which occurs to some degree in almost all patients taking quinine. Symptoms of mild cinchonism include headache, vasodilation and sweating, nausea, tinnitus, hearing impairment, vertigo or dizziness, blurred vision, and disturbance in color perception. More severe symptoms of cinchonism are vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, deafness, blindness, and disturbances in cardiac rhythm or conduction. Most symptoms of cinchonism are reversible and resolve with discontinuation of quinine.

Remember Google is your friend, but it is not your doctor.

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