Can Beecham ampiclox be used for abortion?

Please perish this thought. Who told you that Beecham ampiclox can be used for abortion?

See don’t go and play yourself. Beecham ampiclox is an antibiotic and is not in the category of cytotec, mifepristone or other abortion drugs. That many persons use Beecham ampiclox for abortion really baffles me or and should be likewise for any sane mind.

Can Beecham ampiclox be used for abortion?
Beecham Ampiclox

Beecham ampiclox cannot be used for abortion

Ampiclox cannot be used for abortion

Beecham cannot be used for abortion

Ampiclox cannot be used to terminate PREGNANCY

Beecham ampiclox is not an abortificient

Beecham ampiclox is not an abortificient

Ampiclox is not an abortificient

Beecham ampiclox is not an abortificient

Beecham ampiclox is not an abortion pill

Beecham ampiclox does not cause miscarriage or pregnancy loss

Beecham Ampiclox doesn’t flush out sperm. Beecham does not prevent pregnancy. Beecham Ampiclox is not an abortion pill. It is an antibiotic.

According to the manufacturer, these are the uses of Ampiclox Capsules: “It is used to treat infections of lungs, throat, airways, skin & soft tissue, bone, ear, nose, blood and other bacterial infections. It is also used to treat infection of wounds and lungs after surgery.”

If you like mix Bechaam ampiclox with 7up, dry gin, Alomo bitters, Ruzu bitters , agbo, alabukun and any other herbs you know, it will not abort a pregnancy or remove unwanted pregnancy.

Ampiclox is completely safe in pregnancy. Animal and even human studies have shown that it is a safe drug and pregnant women can comfortably use it. “Ampiclox by Beecham” has no adverse or negative effect in pregnancy. It does not cause miscarriage, pregnancy loss or congenital abnormalities or malformations.

Women who that are 2 to 3 weeks pregnant who delibrately mix Beecham ampiclox with lime, lemon, coke, small stout, sprite, fanta and Mountain Dew with the aim of causing self induced abortion should forget it. It will not work. It will only make the baby grow healthier while you are preparing for antenatal.. Bechaam ampiclox is not an abortion pill… It was not an abortion pill anyway.

It’s sad that ampiclox has been so abused as a contraceptive initially that its abusers have in the long run converted it to an abortion pill. Many health experts will have to speak up against this wantom abuse.

The abuse of ampiclox as an abortion pill is part of what is driving antibiotic resistance in Africa and in Nigeria. I have been seen some ladies abuse tetracycline to induce abortion. This is all wrong and a big myth. Many people who buy ampiclox in Nigeria either plan to use it as a contraceptive or to remove an already existing pregnancy.

This is 2021, the wrong use of Beecham ampiclox for abortion must end. It does not work and it is driving resistance. The testimonies you see online are lies or a mere coincidence. African countries have to once again look into their restrictive abortion laws. It is part of what is driving this widespread misinformation and ignorance.

Beecham ampiclox is not a contraceptive.

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