Can ginger and lime prevent pregnancy?

Ladies, married and unmarried have devised numerous ways of preventing pregnancy howbeit, unscientific. Many women irrespective of cultures have been using lime alone, ginger alone or a combination of leaves and ginger as “flush” after sex to prevent pregnancy… They use lime and ginger combo as contraceptives but the truth is lime and ginger whether drunk or inserted cannot prevent pregnancy… That you took lime and ginger after meeting with your partner and you ended up not getting pregnant does not mean it works. Don’t get it twisted.

Can ginger and lime prevent pregnancy?
Can ginger and lime prevent pregnancy?


So, I’m tired of seeing all those posts on what to do after having unprotected sex.So, here are a list of ways to prevent pregnancy

1. Abstinence – Let me be honest, this is the only one that’s 100% effective against pregnancy and STIs.

2. Natural method – This one is tricky as it requires relying on something that could be unreliable, your menstrual cycle. It involves knowing your fertile periods and avoiding sex during it. Cycle that ordinary stress can shift. It also doesn’t protect you form STIs.

3. Hormonal methods – This includes pills, implants & injections that release hormones that make it difficult for you to conceive. They can have side effects but so does paracetamol but that doesn’t stop you from popping 2 pills for that headache. It doesn’t protect from STIs.

Here’s the thing though, the pills must be used EXACTLY as prescribed, else kasala WILL burst. The injections have to be renewed every 2/3 months else, your striker will score. The implants also have an expiration date depending on which type you use.

4. IUCD – This is the one where they put a contraption in your uterus & basically make it inhospitable to a baby, there’s also an inflammatory something that I’m sure nobody reading this cares about. Either way, IUCD in = no baby. Also has side effects but so does everything.

5. Barrier method – This includes male & female condoms & the diaphragm cup. Good part of condom is that it protects you from most STIs. But you can still get HPV. For it to be effective though, you have to wear it properly every single time, if not, naming ceremony loading.

So family and friends, protect yourself, be careful and get HPV vaccine if you’re sexually active. The truth is that as much as it pains me to admit, the woman has the responsibility at the end of the day. So make sure you take care of you. Pick one method go to the hospital and get it done.

In Summary:Can ginger and lime prevent pregnancy? No… Get any of the contraceptives listed above and avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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