List of BodyBuilding Supplements in Nigeria.

Of course you want want to have some muscles. You want to build you body for what ever reasons as below:

To keep fit

To look fit

To look attractive

To burn excess body fat

To develop abs (six packs)

To make your clothes fit

To keep the heart and brain healthy

To fight obesity

To fight diseases.

A hobby…you just love body building.

Before I continue, be informed that building building or muscle building is not OK not a male sport, desire or hobby.. There are a very large numbers of female body builders even in Nigeria. Whatever you reasons for building a bulky body, there are two main ways you can achieve…. They are with exercises (gyming) dieting and drugs(pills)….i am only focusing on drugs today. With drugs, we mean the kind of supplements or body building pills you take while gyming to build muscle bulk. These supplements comes in capsules or even drinks…

To cut the long story very short, I am going to list out the the common body building supplements used by body builders globally and even in Nigeria. Next time, I will talk about food to avoid or take when body building.

List of the best bodybuilding supplements in Nigeria

1. Whey Protein Powder

This is theost popular body building supplements globally and even in Nigeria. Whey helps fasten protein synthesis. Whey is a milk protein that has a high level of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)….it digests very fast and kick starts the growth of muscles on time. Whey also contains peptides (small proteins) that increase blood flow to the muscles. Whey is the supplement of choice for body builders after training or gyming.

Body building supplements in Nigeria
Whey: a body building supplements

2. Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein powder is the second in line after whey… It digests slowly and feels the stomach very slowly. When it’s taken postworkout, casein boosts muscle protein synthesis much like whey does. It’s even suggested that a whey and casein protein shake taken after training increases muscle growth better than either protein taken alone.

3. Creatine

Creatine is made from three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine…. According to scientific studies, guys who take creatine gain a good 10 pounds or more of bodyweight and increase strength dramatically. Creatine increases the production of IGF-1, a hormone that stimulates the synthesis of protein and growth of bulky muscles.

4. Beta-Alanine/Carnosine supplements

Alanine + histidine forms carnosine. Many studies reported increases in muscle strength and power in athletes who took beta-alanine. One recent study found that subjects who took beta-alanine along with creatine gained more muscle mass and lost more bodyfat than subjects who took only creatine. Carnosine is said to increase the ability of a muscle to contract with fatigue over a long time.

List of BodyBuilding Supplements in Nigeria
A Nigerian bodybuilder BodyBuilding Supplements in Nigeria

5. Nitric oxide boosters or supplements

Nitric oxide is a substance found in almost all body tissues…it has numerous importance in the human body and more of its usefulness are still being researched. Nitric oxide increases synthesis of muscle proteins and increases blood flow to the muscles. Nitric oxide is derived from the amino acid called arginine. Most nitric oxide supplements comes as arginine supplements. Arginine increases muscle mass, strength and growth. It also helps to lose some body fat.

6. Glutamine

Glutamine is a popular amino acid found throughout the body. Glutamine provides numerous bodybuilding benefits, such as aiding muscle growth by increasing levels of leucine in muscle fibers, helping decrease muscle breakdown and bolstering the immune system, which helps prevent you from getting sick and missing workouts. It also decreases muscle fatigue and promotes fat loss.

7. Carnitine

Carnitine helps promote fat-loss in body builders and increase the growth of muscles. It increases testosterone (anabolic steroid) and IGF-1 levels in the blood post workout. Testosterone and IGF-1 are a popular muscle mass builder.

8. ZMA

Most body builders are deficient in zinc, magnesium, aspartate and vitamin B6. ZMA, a combination of zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6 is recommended by fitness trainers to athletes and builders to correct this deficiency. ZMA helps stimulate the production testosterone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) which are important for muscle strength, mass and reduction of muscle fatigue.

Other names of bodybuilding supplements

👉High Molecular-Weight Carbs (Vitargo)

👉Beta-Ecdysterone: found in plants with anabolic properties.

👉Serious Mass bodybuilding supplements

👉Casilan 90

You can get these body building supplements in Nigeria from big supermarkets, pharmacies and online supermarkets like Jumia, Konga, Yoota, Aliexpress etc.

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