Hospitals in Abuja that offers epidural injection for pregnancy and childbirth. What are Nigerian hospitals that offer epidural injection during labour and childbirth?

Dear Doctor,

Good morning and how are you today? My name is Rukaya and I am writing from Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. I am 28 years old and a mother of one. The reason for my writing you this message is to make enquiries about epidural anaesthesia for pregnant women in labour… See I had a very painful and turbulent labour during my first childbirth or delivery… The pains was too excruciating and since then I have decided to do epidural for my second pregnancy during delivery. I have thoroughly read about the risks and benefits plus I have discussed it with my doctor… I want to have a pain-free delivery. Science has made it possible so why should I still be having so much pains because I want to bring another human to this world? You get my point? I am based in Abuja, Gwarimpa to be precise. My problem now that I have opted for epidural delivery is that I have realised I don’t know any hospital or maternity home in Abuja that offers the services or option of epidural in labour… As I said earlier on, I want to have a totally pain-free labour….i am already 8 months pregnant and even the hospital I registered for antenatal in Abuja don’t do epidural delivery. Do they even do labour epidural in Nigeria? I want to know. Doctor, please help me out here, I want an epidural, don’t worry I understand the risks, show me to some hospitals in Abuja that offers epidural injection for pregnancy and childbirth. If possible, also include the cost of epidural in Abuja. I will really appreciate.

Rukayat from Abuja, FCT.


My Reply:

Hello Rukayat, I received your message. I am very happy to know that labour epidural to have a pain-free childbirth is beginning to gain traction in Nigeria… It is a wonderful development. No woman should have such amount of pain during labour… I am also glad to know that you have already discussed the risks and benefits of epidural in labour with your gynecologist… Be aware that the benefits far outweighs the risks… I have seen many women in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Benin who had epidural during childbirth and both mother and baby are doing just fine. Though not many,
there are some hospitals in Abuja that offers epidural services, that is, they give epidural injection during labour on woman’s request.

Hospitals in Abuja that offers epidural injection for pregnancy and childbirth

They are:

1. Cedacrest Hospital

2. Garki Hospital

3. Maitama District Hospital

4. Nisa Premier Hospital, Jabi, Abuja

5. National Hospital Abuja

6. Diff Hospital, Aso Drive, Maitama, Abuja

7. Federal Staff Hospital, Abuja

Hospitals in Abuja that offers epidural injection for pregnancy
Nigerian pregnant women now opting for epidural.

Please be informed that it is the anaesthesiologist (a doctor trained to make you not feel pain during labour) that will administer the epidural. Labour epidural in Nisa Premier hospital in Abuja may cost you close to #150,000 Naira.. Same with other private hospitals in FCT. National hospital Abuja charge about #50,000 Naira for epidural.

I hope I have thoroughly answered your question Rukayat? Do have a safe delivery. Thank you.

Dr Udomoh


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