Cost of colonoscopy in Ghana.

The colon, the lower part of the digestive system, processes waste products and prepares feces (stool) for elimination (a bowel movement). The inner surface of the colon can have abnormal growths, both benign and malignant (cancer). Benign growths are called polyps or adenomas.

The most commonly reason doctors recommend colonoscopy globally are polyps, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and routine medical check.

Cost of colonoscopy in Ghana
The whole procedure of colonoscopy explained in a diagram.

Polyps, if left undetected, can become cancerous, although not all polyps will. Colon polyps usually do not cause symptoms, so persons with polyps do not know they have them until found during a colonoscopy or other testing. If precancerous polyps are detected and removed, many cancers can be prevented.

Polyps can be removed during colonoscopy—an outpatient procedure where a lighted tube is passed through the anus, into the rectum (lowest part of the colon), and into the colon, allowing the doctor to examine the inner surface of the colon for irregularities, polyps, or cancerous lesions. The removed polyps are sent to a pathologist who looks for the presence of cancer within the polyp.

If cancer is present, your doctors will recommend a treatment plan based on the extent of the colon cancer and whether it has spread. Removal of the polyp during colonoscopy may be sufficient. Otherwise, treatment for colon cancer usually involves surgery, possibly followed by chemotherapy.


Colonoscopy is one of those procedures that everyone dreads. For some people, they may be anxious can cause discomfort like bloating . The good news is, colonoscopy can be performed under sedation 💤

Before a colonoscopy with sedation, patients will need to undergo a preanesthetic assessment which consists of blood test, ECG and chest x-ray examination 💉An anesthesiologist will also assess the patient’s physical condition🩺

A vital signs monitor (which measures blood pressure, pulse rate & oxygen saturation) will be attached to the patient. Then, sedation medications will be given by the anesthesiologist 💊 A gastroenterologist or proctologist will perform the colonoscopy, with the entire procedure supervised by the anesthesiologist (to make sure you are calm and you don’t fell any pain)

The procedure is performed by experienced doctors, making colonoscopy safer and more comfortable 👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️. Doctors who specialize in treatment of digestive diseases, including colon polyps and colon cancer, are called gastroenterologists.

Cost of colonoscopy in Ghana

The average cost of colonoscopy in Ghana and cities like Kumasi, Accra, and Tamale is around GHC 500 – GHC 1,000 Ghana Cedis. The price of colonoscopy in Ghana in some hospitals and laboratories may be as low as GHC 300 Ghana Cedis.


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