Parsnip benefits and side effect.

Whew I have finished one big note 📝 writing health benefits of fruits Watermelon and veggies 🌶 ,I have really tried ,I’ll praise myself Becca you’re doing well.

On tonight’s session I picked PARSNIP

It looks like carrot Carrot but it’s not carrot Carrot,let’s see it’s health benefits,they are really awesome.

Parsnip benefits and side effect
Parsnip benefits and side effect

25 Health Benefits of Parsnip

1. It contains high level of minerals such as calcium,potassium,magnesium,phosphorus,zinc and iron.

2. It has impressive range of vitamins like folate,thiamin,panthothenic acid,Vitamin B6,C,E And K

3. It has high level of fiber and protein

4. They are low in carbohydrates,sodium and calories

5. It helps reduce blood pressure and stress on the heart.

6. Its fiber content helps reduce cholesterol level

7. It helps prevent stroke and other coronary issues

8. It’s high soluble fiber content helps lower blood glucose level

9. It helps reduce neural tube birth defects.

10. It helps prevent brain damage,cleft palates,spina bifida in infants

11. It helps new mothers cope with postpartum

12. It helps in weight management

13. Parsnip helps improve immunity by protecting the body from foreign invaders as well as toxins.

14. Vitamins C and E acts as antioxidants in the body and eliminates or neutralize harmful free radicals providing relief from oxidative stress.

15. It helps promote growth

16. It helps boost overall oral health by preventing gingivitis,tongue inflammation, toothache, and bad breath

17. It helps maintain connective tissues and gums as well as build strong teeth

18. It aids production of enzymes in the body

19. Parsnips aids in reducing constipation

20. It helps strengthen the bones

21. It helps in producing sex hormones and aids blood clotting.

22. It helps prevent various eye issues like age related macular degeneration,sun damage and it helps boost eye and vision

23. It helps fight depression,anxiety and other mental issues and in turn boost the brain health.

24. It helps treat respiratory problems and infections like Sinusitis,emphysema,bronchitis,
dyspnea etc

25. It helps prevent wrinkles,enhance skin elasticity,and repair damaged skin cells

These are the wonderful health benefits of Parsnip if you see it anywhere get them and add it to your diet to enjoy these benefits.

Side effects of parsnip

Some sensitive people may experience oral allergy syndrome (OAS) and contact dermatitis after they consume parsnip. Rashes or burning sensation in the lips, mouth and throat are some of the symptoms of OAS. Thus it is advisable for people with a history of allergies to consult a doctor before incorporating this vegetable into their diet. People who consume a lot of parsnip have also complained of increased skin sensitivity to the sun. The side effects of abdominal pains and vomiting is common to all good or vegetable. Parsnip is totally safe in pregnancy.



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