Can Aju Mbaise Cure Fibroids? Aju Mbaise For Fibroid.

Aju Mbaise is a popular igbo herb that originated from Mbaise, Imo State. It is very popular among women who want to shed their post partum belly fat after giving birth. Many persons believe that aju mbaise herbal concoctions is a fat burning and a body slimming tea. Apart from its perceived ability to reduce weight, aju mbaise is also used by most women for fertility, menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalance, boost ovulation and shrink fibroid… But can aju Mbaise actually shrink or cure uterine fibroids?

Can Aju Mbaise Cure Fibroids?

Before I will answer this question, I will like to enlighten us on fibroids and different treatment modalities.

Can Aju Mbaise Cure Fibroids?
Aju Mbaise for fibroid: Does it work?

ALMOST EVERY YOUNG WOMAN in this part of the world had heard of uterine fibroids at least once.
If you haven’t, biko raise your hands lemme see you 😂. You see, no one.

More importantly, it’s believed that at least one in every four or five black women has uterine fibroids. It’s that common.

Most of the time, the fibroids are small and are not causing the woman any problems. Some of them are so “quiet” they are even only picked up on abdominal scan for something else, say pregnancy scan. They are referred to as the ASYMPTOMATIC uterine fibroids.

Such fibroids are the “nice” ones and no one bothers about them. You just let them be because they can coexist with pregnancy and the baby will do just fine. If they are not disturbing you, why go after them?

I’ve written about this extensively in the past shaa.

However, in some young women, the fibroids can get so large they begin to cause the woman a lot of issues. These are the SYMPTOMATIC uterine fibroids, because they now cause symptoms, serious ones oo!

The symptoms complex usually comes as:
~ Heavy menses
~ Swollen tummy (like say the woman get belle)
If they are large enough, they can cause pressure symptoms like:
~ Increased frequency of urination
~ Urgency to urinate
~ Constipation
Because of the heavy menses, the woman can lose a lot of blood every time she’s menstruating, and over time, she can begin to have:
~ Whiteness of the palms, eyes (pallor)
~ Dizziness
~ Easy tiredness
~ Palpitations (feeling of your heart beating very fast)
# Infertility

Fibroids are commoner in young women of 25-35 years as they say. Though the exact cause is not known, we have what we call risk factors which could predispose a woman to having fibroids, such as:
~ Being a black woman
~ Not having been delivered of a baby before especially bin long career women.
~ Family history of fibroids
~ Obesity

Fibroids can be found in different parts of the womb and because they feed on the female hormone known as oestrogen, they often keep growing in size.

Therefore, those times you hear that a certain woman X had been pregnant (with swollen tummy) for years without putting to bed, she most likely had uterine fibroids.

The surgical removal of fibroids is called MYOMECTOMY and it’s one of the commonest gynaecological operations anywhere in Nigeria.

So as a young black woman, whenever you notice heavy menses with or without swollen tummy, please try and see a doctor.

Some fibroid can actually be treated without surgery… a procedure known as uterine fibroid embolisation. Here, the blood vessel feeding the fibroid is occluded and starved of oxygen and nutrients…as a result, it shrinks and dies off.

Many a person have also suggested the use of herbs like bitter leaf, bitter kola, scent leaf and the now reigning aju mbaise to shrink and treat fibroids…. But how true are these claims… The purpose of this article is to fact check if aju mbaise actually cures uterine fibroid…. The veracity of other helps will be checked later…..

Can aju Mbaise really cure fibroids or it is just a myth?

It is a myth I must confess, aju mbaise cannot cure or shrink fibroids…. The claims are totally false. There is no standard research that has shown that aju mbaise has the ability to treat uterine fibroid… Yes, aju Mbaise tea may be able to help for weight loss because it burns calories and promote metabolism but that it cures fibroids is NOT TRUE… If you have fibroid, go and see a doctor to examine and advise you on the best line of treatment. Don’t waste your money and time on miracle herbs or quacks… My warning.

Also, there are so many causes of heavy menses or swollen tummy, but you can’t be sure what is causing yours until you see a doctor.


Dr Udomoh

Dr Casey Amaefule



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