Side effects, Medicinal Value & Health benefits of Wild lettuce (EFO YANRIN) – Asiri Efo Yanrin.

On today’s session I am analyzing a vegetable called WILD LETTUCE also know as Efo Yarin in Yoruba if you know it’s name In Igbo and Hausa please tell me.

Side effects, Medicinal Value & Health benefits of Wild lettuce (EFO YANRIN) - Asiri Efo Yanrin.
Wild lettuce (efo yanrin) has numerous health benefits, medicinal properties and nutritional value… Also take note of its possible side effects.

Let’s see it’s health benefits…..

Medicinal Value and Health benefits of Wild Lettuce (Efo Yanrin)

1. It helps soothe over excited children. Good for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

2. It improves sleep pattern and helps prevent insomnia

3. It helps calm hyper sex drive(nymphomania)

4. Efo Yarin helps prevent whooping cough

5. It relieves symptoms of anxiety and manic behavior

6. It helps stop pains in the joints and muscles

7. It support respiratory health by treating asthma symptoms

8. It helps eliminate headaches and migraines

9. Wild lettuce helps relieve menstrual pains

10. It helps alleviate poor blood circulation

11. It helps boost energy level

12. It helps minimize swollen genitals in men(Priapism)

13. It helps treat urinary tract problems.

Now how do we use Wild lettuce (Efo Yarin)

1. Making an infusion of the leaves or brewing a powerful tea.

2. Make tinctures or extract the milky sap from the stems of this plant as a painkiller.

3. Some people also prefer to dry the leaves and create a smoking blend. The lactucarium, the most important active ingredient, is concentrated in the resin directly from the sap.

Side Effects of wild lettuce (efo yanrin)

Now let’s see it’s side effects if used in excess and see who is not meant to use it

• Avoid using these leaves if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the depressant nature can be dangerous for both the mother and child.

Some other side effects include:

· Topical skin inflammation
· Sweating
· Glaucoma
· Rapid heartbeat
· Pupil dilation
· Ringing in the ears
· Difficulty breathing
· Sedation
· Fatigue
· Vision changes

With so many unique active ingredients and potent antioxidant effects, everything from inflammatory allergic reactions to mild vision changes can occur. This is particularly true if you consume a large volume of these leaves or too much of this plant’s extract.

Seek medical attention if serious side effects occur.
And I come to a close on Wild Lettuce tonight, make sure you don’t miss next week sessions.

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