Baby Tribotan Cream: Ingredients, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Cost. Does baby tribotan lightens baby skin?

Baby tribotan cream is an anti fungal medication that is very popular among mothers in Nigeria… It is used in the treatment of many skin infections or allergies especially among babies.

Baby Tribotan Cream: Ingredients, Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & Price
Baby Tribotan cream

Adults also use tribotan for the treatment of pimples and for toning the skin(not advisable though). The name “baby tribotan” does not mean it is only meant for children or babies alone, adults can also use the cream for what ever skin ailments. Tribotan is mamanufactured by the pharmaceutical company called Fidson.

Uses of tribotan cream

Tribotan cream is used clinically in the treatment of the following skin conditions

Effective for the relief of nappy rashes or diaper’s rash

sweat itch

Alefo in babies


skin irritation

Skin allergies

Acne or pimples



Prevention of oral thrush or oral candidiasis

Fungal infections of vulva

Relief of itching, burning, cracking, and scaling associated with athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm



Acne rosacea


Treatment of athlete’s foot

Treatment of jock itch

Treatment of ringworm

Ingredients and Composition

Tribotan cream is made up of the following active ingredients:

Clotimazole BP 0.5% w/w, (anti-fungal)

Ichthammol BP 0.2% w/w (antibacterial)

Mechanism of Action – how does Tribotan cream work?

Baby Tribotan Cream works by inhibiting the growth of fungi; slowing down the growth of bacteria


Depends on the severity of the disease… For babies, apply the cream on the affected part twice daily for one week and watch the outcome. Adults should also do so for the dosage.

Side effects

The sides effects that have been reported by persons who used Tribotan cream are:






Stomach pain


Foul-smelling discharge especially if using the vaginal product

Upset of the stomach


Skin rash


More that may not listed here

Consult your doctor if you observe any of the following side-effects, especially if they do not go away.

When not to use Baby Tribotan Cream

Hypersensitivity to tribotan Cream is a contraindication. In addition, Baby Tribotan Cream should not be used if you have the following conditions:

First trimester of pregnancy. Pregnant women should not use baby tribotan cream as it may cause congenital birth abnormalities.


Hypersensitivity to imidazole

Cost..How much is Baby Tribotan in Nigeria?

The good thing about Tribotan cream is that it is affordable and readily available. The price A 20g tube of baby tribotan cream cost about #600 – #1000 Naira in Nigeria. You an get Tribotan cream in many pharmacies stores in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Benin, Warri and other states OK n Nigeria.

🔷Some important questions answered?🔷

Does baby tribotan lightens baby skin?

Like Funbact A, some persons believe tribotan cream have the ability to bleach, tone or lighten the baby’s skin (some mothers mix Funbact a with shea butter to bleach their baby’s skin) but this is not true. This is because unlike Funbact a, baby tribotan does not contain steriods as one of its active ingredients and therefore cannot lighten a baby’s skin. Most steroids containing creams can bleach the skin. In summary, Tribotan cannot lighten up the skin.

Is tribotan cream good for pregnant women?

Not really. Tribotan is contraindicated in pregnancy especially in the first trimester because of the risk of causing possible congenital birth defects or malformations.



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