25 Health benefits of bitter leaf and coconut water.

See how the mixture of bitter and coconut water is beneficial to your health.

Getting the best out of a herbal mixture is the most essential thing. That’s why you should be introduced to this mixture of bitter leaf and coconut water. Your health is of utmost importance so if you want to make the most of the information I’m about to give you, please pay close attention to details.

Bitter leaf is widely known for it’s health properties. It is used to make many traditional herbs and the antioxidants present in it clears the body of free radicals that are capable of causing inflammation, diseases, memory loss, cancers, aging, and other systemic damage. All you need is fresh bitter leaf and coconut water. The reason we are using coconut water is to provide a medium for the bitter leaf to fully release its medicinal properties.

Health benefits of bitter leaf and coconut water
The combo of Bitter leaf and coconut water has numerous health benefits

How to Prepare bitter leaf and coconut water combo

1. Wash the Bitter Leaf thoroughly.
2. Squeeze the leaf a little inside a cup but not to the extent of the water coming out.
3. Add one glass of coconut water and cover it.
4. Leave the mixture overnight for 12 -24 hours.
5. You can store the mixture in the fridge to be used daily.

Health benefits of bitter leaf and coconut water

The Health Benefits of the Mixture:

1. It will the flush out the bacteria that causes gonorrhea, Staphylococcal infections and both oral and genital herpes.

2. It will stop discharge from the organ.

3. It will treat chlamydia, a major causative organism of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)…. Chlamydia is best with antibiotics though.

4. It will lower your blood pressure

5. It will cure typhoid and stomach ache

6. It detoxifies your liver of harmful substances.

7. It eliminates worms responsible for ache in the stomach.

8. It removed excess sugar from the body. Good for persons living with diabetes

9. It treats quick ejaculation and low sperm count

10. It keeps your kidney in good shape.

11. Burns excess body fat. Good for weight loss

12. Reduce blood cholesterol

13. Coconut water is good for brain health and neuronal degeneration according to a research published in 2012.

14. Boost ovulation women especially for women trying to conceive

15. A mixture of bitter leaf soaked in coconut water increases blood flow to the genitals. It therefore improves sexual libido, penile erection and sexual stamina for both the male and the female.

16. Regulates menstruation

17. A mixture of coconut water and bitter leaf has anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobial properties, antiviral properties, and antiulcer properties.

18. Soothes the digestive system and prevents constipation

19. The herbal concoction is used to treat heartburn, indigestion and stomach ulcer.

20. Believe to be effective in removing poisonous substances from the body. Used traditionally as antidote for poisons.

21. The mixture removes parasites especially worms from the intestines.

22. The mixture of Coconut water and bitter leaf is very safe in pregnancy. It does not cause miscarriage or congenital birth defects.

23. Used in the treatment of many skin diseases. Promotes the growth of healthy skin.

24. Good for the eyes. Coconut water promotes good eyesight.

25. Treats upper respiratory tract infections, cough and prevents asthma.

26. The drinking of a combo bitter leave water and coconut water helps detox the womb in women.

DOSAGE – How to take

Take this mixture once everyday for five days for the best results.

NB: This article is NOT a substitute to seeing a doctor when you have any medical conditions or illnesses.

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  1. Thanks for this great information. But, I don’t really, understand how the bitter leaves should be prepared! Should one pluck the bitter leaves, wash and extract the bitter leaves juice which will be mixed with a glass of coconut water or should one pluck out four or seven pieces of bitter leaves, soaked them in a glass of coconut water to be used after 12hours. Thanks!!

  2. Please I want to know the exact coconut water to be use,is it the fresh soft coconut water or the hard one? In Ghana we eat the fresh soft coconut but in Nigeria they eat the hard one… secondly,can it take care of prostate cancer? Thanks


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