Natural Herbs for Family Planning in Nigeria, Nigerian herbs to prevent pregnancy, Home remedies to prevent pregnancy.

Before the advent of the of the modern contraceptive methods or family planning, our African foremothers had their own natural way of preventing pregnancy and spacing their children… with the use of herbs, foods, fruits, spices, seeds, roots, and other traditional methods…

The Natural Family Planning Methods include:

đź”·Wild yam
đź”·Vitamin c
đź”·Asafoetida (Hing)
đź”·Juniper Berries (Kala Jamun)
đź”·Oziza seeds
đź”·Dried figs

1. Papaya (Papita)

have papaya twice a day for the next 3-4 days to reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. It is an effective birth control remedy and, when taken by the male partner, can reduce sperm count. The sperm count gets back to normal when consumption is stopped.

Natural Herbs for Family Planning in Nigeria
Natural Herbs for Family Planning in Nigeria

2. Ginger (Adrakh)

Ginger induces a period and thus prevents pregnancy. Add grated ginger to a kettle of boiling water. After five minutes, strain the mixture. Drink 2 cups of strong ginger tea every day.

3. Apricot (Khubani)

Apricot is a fruit which prevents foetus implantation in a natural way. Add 100 gms of dried apricots and 2 tablespoons of honey to a cup of water. Boil the mixture for around 20 minutes and drink it. You can also eat 5-10 apricot kernels a day after sexual intercourse till your period begins.

4. Dried Figs (Anjeer)

Figs are one of the best birth control methods and also promote blood circulation. Eat 2-3 dried figs after having unsafe intercourse. Don’t overeat as they may cause an upset stomach.

5. Cinnamon (Dalcheeni)

Cinnamon is known to stimulate the uterus, and cause miscarriage and abortion. However, it doesn’t work instantly, so you must consume it regularly for a long period. We advise consulting your doctor before using cinnamon.

6. Juniper Berries (Kala Jamun)

You can also eat kala jamun berries for birth control. It should be consumed for three consecutive days post after sex.

7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another method of natural birth control. It interferes with the progesterone hormone and hence prevents conception. Take 1500 mg of Vitamin C tablets twice a day for 2-3 days after unsafe sex. It is important not to overconsume Vitamin C as it may have adverse effects on your body. Also, do not take it if you are on anti-coagulant medication or suffering from sickle cell anaemia.

8. Asafoetida (Hing)

Drink asafoetida juice with water every month. It prevent conception and avoid pregnancy.

9. Parsley (Ajamod)

Parsley is also an effective home remedy to prevent pregnancy. It is a mild herb with no side effects and best consumed as a tea. Boil parsley with ginger,consume immediately after sex

10. Neem( dongoyaro)

Neem one of the home remedies to avoid pregnancy. It is available in the form of leaves, oil and leaf extract. Neem oil kills sperm within 30 seconds if injected into the uterus, while neem tablets promote temporary sterility in men.

11. Pineapple

The properties of pineapple can prevent implantation of a foetus and avoid pregnancy. Eat an unripe pineapple every day for 2-3 days after sex.

12. Buckwheat (Kuttu)

Buckwheat contains rutin which prevents implantation. You can have 500 gms of this herb every day. It works well before and after unprotected intercourse. The best thing about kuttu is that it doesn’t have any side effects.

13. Wild Yam (Ratalu)

When there is no other natural way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, try taking wild yam twice a day regularly. It takes one or two months to work as a birth control remedy so make sure not to miss any day.

14. Indian Turnip

This vegetable is effective in preventing pregnancy for up to a week after sexual intercourse. Take a teaspoon of the dried and powdered root and mix it with half a cup of cold water. Drink it for a week.

15.Uda and oziza seed,

Soak in a bottle of dry gin consume immediately after sex.

PS: Using herbs to prevent pregnancy is NOT reliable. See a doctor to be properly counseled on contraception, family planning and be educated on the available modern contraceptive options to choose from.

Culled from Noble Single Mothers


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