Is Mist Mag Safe in Early Pregnancy?

Reflux is when fluids containing acid in the stomach escape upwards into the esophagus causing heartburns or peppery sensation in the chest. In this case, there are complaints such as burning in the chest and stomach area and sour water coming into the mouth. Reflux can also occur in people who are not pregnant, but it increases even more during pregnancy.

Why is heartburn so common in pregnancy?

Acid reflux is a very common complaint in more than half of pregnant women. The reason for the increase in pregnancy is that the progesterone hormone increased during pregnancy relaxes the valve between the stomach and esophagus.

In addition, the increase in the pressure in the abdomen due to the growth of the uterus also presses the stomach, causing the content to escape upwards. Complaints of reflux that occur during pregnancy often pass after birth.

Smoking and alcohol are also factors that increase reflux, and pregnant women should never use them, even if reflux is not already available.

Treatment of Heartburns in pregnancy

Mistmag is a very popular and affordable antacid that gives symptomatic relief for heartburns and peptic ulcer disease. The mixture is a gellylike substance that coats the ulcer crater and soothes the stomach. It also neutralizes excess acid in the stomach. Mistmag is even used for the treatment of dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation. According to the manufacturer, it can by children, adults, young, old and even pregnant women.


Is Mist Mag Safe in Early Pregnancy?

For treatment, the expectant mother is advised to avoid some reflux-enhancing foods and medications like antacids especially the popular magnesium trisilicate popularly known as mistmag. Now pregnancy naturally causes anaemia especially iron deficiency anaemia, and antacids such as mistmag, gestid, gaviscon, gascol etc reduces the acidity of the stomach and inhibits the absorption of iron. Dietary iron needs an acidic environment for absorption.

Is Mist Mag Safe in Early Pregnancy?
Should a pregnant woman take mist mag? Is it safe?

Hence, taking to much of mist mag while pregnant can drive a women to develop iron deficiency anaemia which can affect your baby’s growth and development… Your foetus needs adequate amount of blood to be able to achieve optimal weight and size and taking too much antacids can hinder that. Also, antacids like mist mag contain magnesium which can chelate calcium, cause calcium excretion leading to calcium deficiency in a pregnant woman. Remember, calcium is good for the development of strong bones and teeth in the foetus.

Mist mag has NOT been reported to cause miscarriage or congenital malformations but I advise you to avoid taking mistmag or any other antacids during early pregnancy since this is when the baby is in the formative stages (embryogenesis) and most vulnerable to toxic insults from all forms of drugs. Avoid taking antacids during pregnancy.

Most pregnant women do not experience side-effects from taking antacids. However, some women experience stomach problems such as diarrhoea or constipation.

How to prevent reflux disease in a pregnant woman

The expectant mother should eat little and often. Multiple meals increase the reflux after being hungry for a long time. It is necessary to avoid spicy, peppermint and fatty foods, chocolate, tea, coffee, tomato foods.

Meals should be eaten slowly and over-chewing. No excess water should be consumed during the meal. Reflux increases even more in those who are overweight. It is necessary to avoid clothes that tighten the abdomen. Using a high pillow while lying down can reduce reflux.


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