THYROID HEALTH: List of Nigerian Foods Rich in Iodine.

What are the Nigerian foods that contain iodine, regulate thyroid hormones, promote thyroid function or thyroid health, and prevent goitre? Read this article.

What is iodine?
📌Iodine is a type of mineral that’s naturally found in the earth’s soil and ocean waters.
📌Many salt water and plant-based foods contain iodine, and this mineral is most-widely available in iodized salt.
📌Functions of iodine:

1. It is an integral part of thyroid hormones that play a major role in regulating growth and development.

2. They also have important role in regulation of metabolic rate.
3. it is required for early development of nervous system during fetal life.
4. it is needed for normal reproductive function.

One of the most widespread symptoms of iodine deficiency? Thyroid disorders. Thyroid function relies on proper levels of iodine. The thyroid is one of the body’s master glands responsible for balancing hormones, and thyroid disruption caused partially by a diet low in iodine-rich foods can create such negative reactions as fatigue, weight gain or loss, mood changes, and much more. This is known medically as hypothyroidism.

HYPOTHYROIDISM is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone for whatever reason including lack of iodine for most people especially with women.

People with hypothyroidism usually have a slower metabolism. Research shows that AEROBIC EXERCISE can help boost your thyroid hormone levels. Additionally, eating more PROTEIN may help boost your metabolism.

Full List of Nigerian Foods Rich in Iodine

IODINE , SELENIUM , and ZINC are especially beneficial for those with hypothyroidism.
– use iodized salt because body cannot make iodine, so a person needs to get iodine from their diet.

-Foods rich in iodine include:
– cheese
– milk
– ice cream
– iodized table salt
– Saltwater fish
– seaweed
– whole eggs
– sweet potatoes
– Strawberry
– Cranberry
– Cod
– Yoghurt
– tuna

THYROID HEALTH: List of Nigerian Foods Rich in Iodine
Foods that promote thyroid function

Some more foods to include in your diet include:

🍣 🍤Fish, shrimp, tuna, cod, diary, apples, corn, yogurt and seaweed are great sources of iodine.

🎃 Cashews, almonds, and pumpkin seeds are excellent sources of iodine . Brazil nuts are also rich selenium, another mineral that supports your thyroid.


📌Below, I am sharing few foods rich in Iodine with their iodine content which can help you to meet your requirement of Iodine.
📌If you want to know your requirement then check below to know👇

1. Yogurt – 1 cup of yoghurt contains 75 mcg of iodine

2. Milk- 1 cup raw milk contains 56 mcg of Iodine

3.Prawns – 5 prawns contains 13 mcg of iodine

4. Corn – 1/2 cup of corn contains 14mcg of iodine

5. Potatoes – 1 medium potato contains 60 mcg of iodine.
6. Strawberry – 1 cup of strawberries contains 13 mcg of Iodine.
7. Cranberries – 4 ounce of Cranberries contains 100 mcg of Iodine.

8. Eggs – 1 large egg contains 24 mcg of Iodine


Dietary substances that may affect thyroid function include GOITROGEN. Goitrogens in foods reduce the level of iodine in the blood.

many common foods contain goitrogens, including
✨SOY FOODS: tofu, tempeh etc.
✨CERTAIN VEGETABLES : cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, spinach, etc.
✨NUTS and SEEDS : millet, pine nuts, peanuts
✨FRUITS and STARCHY PLANTS : fufu, cassava, peaches etc.
💥Tubers like eating raw cassava, poorly fermented garri, white garri etc. Be informed that industrial garri is now getting fortified with iodine but local production have not adopted this initiative.
🌞 Eat iodine fortified salts
🌞 Drink iodine rich water



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