Can Quinine Prevent Pregnancy? Is Quinine a Contraceptive Pill?


NIGERIAN LADIES WILL NEVER cease to amaze me when it comes to their choice of emergency contraceptives.
I’ve heard it all, to be honest. At least, I’d like to think so, from Sprite and salt to water and salt; Andrew’s Liver Salt, Small Stout, Kai Kai, etc.

Can Quinine Prevent Pregnancy? Is Quinine a Contraceptive Pill?
Can quinine prevent pregnancy?

It seems that our ladies have a way of inventing and publicizing their own “brand” of emergency contraceptives every time.

The one a lot of ladies are taking currently is what you see here, QUININE. In the past one week, at least three to four ladies had reached out to confirm from me if this is truly an emergency contraceptive.
Nna mehn, unu ga egbukwa onwe unu. 😂
Wetin concern vulture concern low cut bikonu?
😂 😂
These ladies either come to inquire about Quinine’s contraceptive ability, or, sometimes, they come to argue with me if I say otherwise.
Biko Quinine is an antimalarial, and in the hospital it comes in handy when children come down with severe malaria.

It has NO contraceptive effects, not even a side effect.

When some ladies take all sorts of rubbish and they don’t get pregnant, they assume it’s because the “rubbish”worked for them, meanwhile they were in their “safe period” and as such would not have even got pregnant if they didn’t take anything in the first place.
But trust Naija babes, dem must invent something and say it works.

And it’s not like some of them don’t know about the routine emergency contraceptives such as Postinor 2, but mention it to them, and some will begin to give you a thousand reasons why they prefer their “rubbish”.

You’ll hear something like: “Postinor 2 dey do me this one and dawan,” meanwhile some of their so-called reasons are false.

It’s not like we don’t know that Postinor2 has side effects, but it’s far better as an emergency contraceptive compared to the “rubbish” these babes take.

Anyway, izzit my business?

Can Quinine Prevent Pregnancy? Is Quinine a Contraceptive Pill? No. Quinime is not a contraceptive and will not prevent you from getting pregnant. The good news is: at least it will cure your malaria.

If you like keep taking Quinine and be forming it works for you, nsogbu adiro. One day monkey 🐵 go go market, e go carry belle come back. 😂 😂
I haf talk my own.

Some Comments

Chisom Muomah

At a dose higher than the normal dose, quinine is abortifacient,but it is never a contraceptive!

O Uche Cyril

Being in the business, I’m quite very sure that most ladies that ask for white quinine definitely has abortion in mind not contraception.

Ademeri Toney

White quinine is believed by many ladies to work magic in preventing pregnancy…a lady even messaged me to complain that white quinine is responsible for her delay in menstruation after she used it as contraceptive….I was shocked…many combine white quinine and beecham ampiclox.

~ Caséy Amaefule. A medical doctor and an expert in Sexual Matters.


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