“Men also suffer yeast infection of the penis” – Medical Doctor narrates his experience managing a patient with candidiasis of the penis and how he treated him to full recovery.

MEN too suffer candidiasis.


We suffer silently mostly due to undiagnosed Diabetes or uncircumcised bullet.

"Men also suffer yeast infection of the penis" - Medical Doctor
Yeast infection of the penis is usually a clear warning sign of diabetes or HIV

By the way ladies, if candidiasis is taking ages to clear, consider ditching sugar and refined carbs for good.


Let me tell you a story,…

1 month ago, a middle-aged man was booked in my clinic for a ‘chronic STI’.

He was in excruciating pain.

He had been on several treatments for 4 years – on and off.

He suspected that his wife kept reinfecting him with STI since he doesn’t trust her.

I listened to his story and requested to examine his genitals.

Ooh my God!

The glans (head of the penis) was chronically inflamed and the urethral os was visibly widened.

Then, there was an active discharge of white debris from the urethral meatus.

I immediately sent him to the lab and asked my Lab Tech to investigate the following:

– Culture & Sensitivity ( Urine and blood)

– Basic urinalysis using urine strips.

When the urine strips results were reported,

there was evidence of yeast cells and GLUCOSE.

I requested a Random Blood Sugar and it was alarming – 24 Mmols/L.

Basically, this is a man who has lived with Diabetes for 4 years undiagnosed!!

He was lucky he didn’t experience the microvascular complications of diabetes like blindness and kidney disease.

He is a religious gym member. This literally saved him.

While awaiting the Culture and Sensitivity report,

I prescribed for him

– Hypoglycaemics (drugs that low blood sugar levels)

– Intermittent Fasting

– Low Carb, High Fat, High Protein diet.

He is lucky Hypertension hadn’t caught up with him.


Added an antifungal pill and a cream for the penile yeast infection.

The C&S report came back 3 days later and he was resistant to most antibiotics including the 3rd generation cephalosporins.

Still, there was no rationale behind prescribing an antibiotic.


Was his review date.

– Random Blood Sugar =10.4 mmol/l
– No itchiness.
– No whitish debris from the urethral meatus.

My follow up advice:

– maintain genital hygiene
– Cotton boxers. No briefs.
– IF + LCHF&P diet.
– Resistance training + HIITs.

If you are a man silently suffering balanitis,

especially candidal balanitis,

This is your story.

I request, don’t suffer silently. Take action.

Dr Eric is a practicing medical doctor based in the United States of America. He is interested in Men’s Health and Lifestyle Medicine.


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