Natural/Yoruba/Nigerian Herbs for Hormonal Imbalance

General symptoms of hormonal imbalance are familiar to women as premenstrual syndrome or PMS, menopause symptoms, irregular menstrual cycle/flow, chronic acne, vaginal dryness, low libido, depression, fatigue, abnormal weight gain, abnormal breasts changes.

Hormonal imbalance causes

Many factors can cause hormonal imbalance such as eating disorders, weight loss or gain, anemia, menopause, thyroid disorders,diabetes liver disease, tuberculosis, miscarriage, and other health conditions. Lifestyle triggers like increased exercise, smoking, alcohol abuse, caffeine, travel, stress, and certain medications and birth control pills can also contribute to this problem. Hormonal imbalance are common at the time of menopause.

Yoruba/Nigerian Herbs for Hormonal Imbalance
Yoruba herbs used to treat hormonal imbalance

Here are some home remedies which can help you with irregular periods

Yoruba/Nigerian Herbs for Hormonal Imbalance

1. #Unripe_Papaya
Green, unripe papaya is considered useful in regulating menstrual flow as it helps contract muscle fibers in the uterus.
Consume unripe papaya juice regularly for a few months but do not drink it during your period.

2. #Turmeric
Turmeric is considered to be one of the best medicated herbs which is quite warming as well. It is helpful in regulating menstruation and balancing hormones.
The antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties relieve menstrual pain.
Consume one-quarter teaspoon of turmeric with milk, honey or jaggery. Take it daily for several weeks or until you see improvement.

3. #Aloe_Vera

Do not use this remedy during your periods. Aloe vera helps treat menstrual irregularities naturally by regulating your hormones.
To get the best results, extract fresh aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf, mix in one teaspoon of honey and consume it daily before having your breakfast

4. Practice_Yoga_and_Meditation

Stress is one of the primary causes of hormonal imbalance in the body that triggers irregularities in menstruation. Yoga and meditation helps in relieving stress. Meditation can ensure perfect hormonal balance in the body. These two are the most effective methods for controlling irregular periods without medicines. Stress is one of the primary causes of hormonal imbalance in the body

5. Ginger
Boil 1 tbsp of fresh ginger for 5 minutes. Add little sugar and drink the mixture three times a day after your meals. Ginger is highly recommended for regulating menstrual cycles and getting rid of irregular periods

6. Cumin
Cumin is loaded with a number of health benefits. Soaked cumin can be used in the treatment of irregular period.
Take 2 spoons of cumin seeds and soak in water over night and drink both in the morning. You need to drink this water every day to get your periods regularised.

7. #Cinnamon
Cinnamon not only helps enhancing taste of your dishes but significantly contributes in regulating your menstrual cycle too.
It provides a warming effect within your body. Take a glass full of warm milk and add a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon and drink it. It is even effective in eradicating menstrual cramps.

8. #Carrot_juice
Get 4 carrots, half apple, one teaspoonful honey and ginger to taste.
Blend all ingredients in blender. Process until smooth and enjoy. Consume carrot juice regularly for a few months but do not drink it during your period.


Cut 3 lemons into four equal parts.
Slice 5 gingers (peel before slicing)
Cut 1 medium size cabbage
Peel off the back of 1 big pineapple.
Pls wash the lemons before cutting.
Then boil all in a big pot with 2 litres of water.
Don’t take more than 100ml in a day (Size of a glass cup for shots). Take first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


10. Bitter leaf and Scent leaf

Bitter leaf or scent leaf juice or soup have been found to be very effective in taking care of hormonal imbalance and menstrual irregularities.

11. Alligator pepper

Some women have found alligator pepper very useful in treating hormonal imbalance. Just add it to your meal.


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