Black Soup and Pregnancy: Can a Pregnant Woman Eat Black Soup?

Black soup originally originated from the Edochie (Benin) people but it is now a staple food for all the people of Southern Nigeria. Depending on the tribes, combination of leaves are usually ugu leaf (pumpkin leaf), bitter leaf, scent leaf and others. Black soup has numerous nutritional value and health benefits.

Black Soup and Pregnancy: Can a Pregnant Woman Eat Black Soup?
Is black soup good for a pregnant woman?

Black soup is very good for all categories if persons including children, elderly and pregnant women. Many people have always asked if it was safe for black soup to be eaten in pregnancy and this is the purpose for this article.

Can a pregnant woman eat black soup? Is black soup safe in pregnancy?

Yes of course. Black soup very very healthy and it is recommended for pregnant women. Black soup is rich in iron, and folic acid. Iron help to build hemoglobin which help to boost red blood cell production and treat anemia in pregnancy. Folic acid is very essential in pregnancy because it helps prevent congenital births defects in babies especially spina bifida and brain malformations.

Moreover, the combination of leaves in black soup has been reported to be helpful in treating early morning sickness in pregnant women. Black soup helps prevent the usual complaints of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

Contrary to widespread reports and beliefs, black soup does not in any way cause miscarriage or cause pregnancy loss. It rather helps to sustain a healthy pregnancy till delivery.

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Black soup is very rich in fibre and because of its fibre content, its helps treat or prevent diarrhea and constipation in pregnant women. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which encourage healthy growth of the baby. In addition to these numerous health benefits if black soup in pregnancy, recipes used in making this soup have been found from research to have antimalarial properties and therefore helps to prevent or treat malaria in pregnancy.

In Summary, is black soup good for a pregnant woman? Yes. All pregnant women should enjoy black soup. The soup is safe, treats anemia, prevents nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, treats morning sickness in pregnancy, helps prevent spinal bifida in pregnancy, aids digestion, prevents constipation, antimalarial and highly tasty + nutritious.

I encourage all pregnant women to eat and enjoy their black soup in pregnancy. It is healthy and safe.


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