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Are you a Nigerian and want you to know the best way to have a glowing, healthy, shining, smooth, beautiful, clean, spotless and flawless skin? If yes, this article which give you some tips how best to take are of you skin to achieve your desired goal. This is more or less a skin care routine for the Nigerian skin.

If you want to have a flawless skin you need to do the following:

1. Eat a balanced diet

When you eat well, meaning you eat a balanced diet, you are bound to have a flawless and smooth skin. A balanced diet contain essential nutrients like proteins, minerals, vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E which are essential for the growth of a healthy skin.

2. Drink Enough Water, Rehydrate your skin

Please if you don’t want to develop a dry skin, ensure that you drink adequate amount of water to make your skin supple and glittering. Water is life to the skin. Please rehydrate.

3. Fruits, Fruits, Fruits!

I don’t need to tell you that fruits are essential for a healthy and flawless skin. Do I? Well, fruits contains Vitamins like vitamin A, C and E that nurtures a healthy skin. Vitamin helps with the replenishment and replacement of a dead skin while vitamin E and C helps to mop up free radicals that may be injurious to the skin… They are antioxidants.

4. Avoid Stress, Sleep Well and Exercise

Sleep is medicinal for the skin and have adequate rest and sleep helps nourish the skin. The life in Nigeria is well known to be stressful but you can help reduce the stress by having adequate rest, sleep, fruits and water. Exercise helps open up skin pores and improve blood supply to the skin. Do these and watch your skin glow.

5. Bathe twice a day at least

Don’t be too busy or too tired to at least bathe twice a day. Bathing helps remove the clogged pores in the skin and promotes skin aeration and growth. It removes excess oil on the skin (oily skin) and skin odour. Further more, having your bathe is a form of mechanical exfoliation, it helps remove dead skin and promote the growth of new fresh and glowing skin.

How to get a flawless skin in Nigeria
A Nigerian lady with a flawless, non-oily, smooth, beautiful and glowing skin.

6. Don’t Bleach your skin

Bleaching has numerous side effects and I have never found it beneficial to the skin. Bleaching causes stretching mark on the skin, causes bad body odour, causes uneven skin tone,skin ulcers, skin cancers, unsightly dark patches and many more. A Nigerian or African that want to see his or her skin glowing and flawless should never bleach.

7. Use the right soaps

Bathe with the right soaps. It helps. There are very many skin friendly soaps and body wash or body scrubs out there that are perfect for the Nigerian skin. For body wash or soap, you can try out the goat milk soap or body wash. DO NOT USE HARSH SOAPS ON YOUR SKIN. Be gentle.

8. Use the appropriate creams, lotions

Do not use bleaching creams on your skin. Use soft and gentle body creams or lotions that will help preserve your original skin tone or colour and remove blemishes. Nice creams and lotions helps promote a flawless and beautiful skin. These creams does not need to be expensive, get the ones that are affordable.

9. No hard sponge please

Don’t go and use iron sponge on your skin. Use soft skin sponge that soothes the skin. Don’t be harsh….use gentle sponge to wash your skin.

10. Use Umbrella, make it an habit

The scorching sun in Nigeria these days is becoming unbearable, it damages the skin and can make it darker and thicker. To avoid this, have a portable umbrella that will protect your skin from the dangerous ultraviolet radiations that comes from the sun nowadays. Your skin will dance and glow for this your healthy decision.

11. Wash your towel and bed sheets

Your bed sheets and towels are home to germs that can affect your skin and cause skin blemishes like rashes, acne and eczema. Wash your bed sheets every week and your towel every two weeks to protect your skin from diseases. A skin free of all forms of diseases will surely glow. You know this is true.

12. Take time out for skin wash and sauna bathe

Visiting a skin and beauty spa for body wash or skin wash and sauna bathe will help your develop a spotless and a healthy skin no doubt. Sauna bath and skin wash helps removes clogged skin pores and promote blood supply to your skin. Try this out if you want a perfect glowing skin. Skin wash is not that expensive! Going for chemical skin peels also falls under this category and makes your skin shine.

13. Use exfoliants

Get some exfoliants such as TCA and others and use it them to give your skin a treat. Exfoliants will remove dead skin tissues and encourage growth of a new one.

14. Treat all skin diseases

See a dermatologist immediately your notice a skin disease….. Don’t patronize quacks or cream mixers for your precious skin

15. Don’t abuse steroids

You want to know how to get a flawless skin in Nigeria? Don’t abuse steroids! A lot of us use steroids such as Funbact A, skinneal and others on our skin even without the prescription of a doctor. Please stop it! Steroids thins out your skin, bleaches it and causes stretch marks on your precious skin when abused. Only use them when the doctor prescribe it….

16. Air conditioner in your room

I know a lady that used to have breakouts and itchy skin but all these subsided when she started staying in air-conditioned room. Too much heat is not good for the skin. This is however an expensive way of having a flawless skin.

Try all these to the letter and see your skin glow and become flawless…

Did I leave anything out? Please add yours in the comments section..

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